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So I'm going to be changing a few of the forum settings to try to optimise a few things as well as add a few features to the forum, if things go a little weird then you know why. Hopefully with some search engine optimisation the forum should be more visible and attract new visitors.

The thing with search engine optimisation is that it's most effective when the forum's url is posted on other websites, so if you have anywhere where you can politely post it then it would help the forum grow as a community.

Sorry for the downtime, just trying to make sure I didn't break anything, if I have then let me know and I'll get it fixed as soon as possible.

We have an arcade and a karma system now, thought people might enjoy it.

This won't work for guests and it's an option you have to change in your profile, so you can leave it censored if you'd prefer. To change it go to Profile - Look and Layout and you'll see an option called "Leave words uncensored"

Edit: Apprentky the censorship is still there, possibly? I'm going to look into that, I have enabled an option to turn it off.

Edit: Yeah the censorship is still there, however if we get ad free credits then you'll have the option of keeping the censor or taking it off.


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