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Is the chat broken?

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Can't remember if I fixed it or not, think I forgot though. I'll go fiddle around with things now though

I had a look around and there's no reason you shouldn't be able to access chat, at least nothing obvious.

Zaweri Runewright:
Hmm. Try to remove my mod privileges and see if that helps? I tried it with multiple computers, none work. I tried at my friend's place, he does have an account here (but he is a lurker, so i aint saying his name) and he could join chat on his account but not mine.

I've unmodded you to see if you can access chat now, might just be an issue with the IRC Admin group, although if it is then I'll have to work out what the issue is.

Zaweri Runewright:
Yup, I can now join. Odd.


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