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Aw. I wanna be moderator too, but I feel that I might abuse the power... I feel so left out though.

*Gross sobbing noises*

Being a mod is not really a big deal. It essentially means you look at everything posted in what is considered your section and make sure it follows rules, occasionally you'll end up having to deal with sh*it (I had to deal with a lot of post-happening sh*it) and calm some people down, make sure they know the lines they crossed, if it was severe doll out a punishment. It's really not so glorious as it may seem, and it's actually rather frustrating on occasion as it may involve forum members you like and you may have to tell them your wrong. It's also SO MUCH FU*CKING WORSE FOR THE RP ADMIN! Like literally, from everything I've seen unless your having a full on forum melt down the RP admin will be the guy dealing with the worst kind of sh*it when it comes up since both sides will probably be pissed and think their right, and then you have to go in and figure out 'was this within the bounds of character' and a whole lot of other stuff.
That being said if you guys need a mod for the eventual SFW section I'd be up for it if needed, believe I've said if you guys needed another mod sometime I'd be down for it.

We could add like, a founder rank for everyone who's been active on the forum during the period between when it was first founded to maybe three months after that? I would imagine it doesn't add any special powers but it would give those that want a special name tag one. And it would make the forum seem more like a clique! Wait, that's a bad thing.

Okay, plan B: This forum is now socialist. There is only one administrator. Their word is law. Everyone else are but members of the public. Any posts alluding to the forum actually being a "fascist state" or a "dictatorship" will be promptly removed and the poster taken to a death camp comfortable re-education center and beaten to death taught to love Our Glorious Forum. Long live the Admin. Long live Our Glorious Forum.

Yeah, Vulnus basically got it right, especially considering he's speaking from experience. It's not great when forum members you like are acting up and you have to tell them to calm down and sort it out before action is taken, but you don't want to be harsh yet you sort of have to be because it's your job, hell I've already had to do that to some degree and we've had quite a low amount of moderator work required so far.

It's essentially like doing volunteer work at a highschool with really unpredictable students.


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