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My application for adminship on this forum, the short story.

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   A sudden rush of light in the shroud of darkness, like peeling open a curtain to find the rays of a thousand suns hit your eyes after living the life of a hermit spending days behind a digital screen typing the hours away. You get up and rub your eyes adjusting to the horribly bright light that illuminates this boringly blank white room. You get up and dust yourself off. You try to remember your real name, but at the moment of sleep fueled haziness it eludes you, but you do at least remember your friends call you by the name Perigrin.
   After the haziness clouds away a new feeling of Panic takes over your body. "Wait, wait, wait how the hell did I even end up in a place like this, I sure as hell didn't choose to fall asleep on this blank ass space" you gibber whilst looking at your surroundings. After searching around you find this odd envelope almost camouflaged to the wall, as you were feeling for some kind of exit out of this odd little place. You rip open the envelope and dump it out. Among the several pictures of anthropomorphic dogmen engaging in lewd acts you find a note with abysmal handwriting. You read it and it says "HEY PEAREGRIN I GAVE U PR0N CAN I HAZ ADMEN SHIP NAO!? LOL MEMES" you crumple up the note and pocket a few of those damn fine furry pics. You think to yourself, "Goddamn it, who's the bundle of sticks who did this to me? Well sh1t better find a way out of this sh1thole before that p1ss lord gets here."
   Continuing to search the walls with added vigour you soon find a pressure plate into the wall and press it. Suddenly the small radius around you gives way to a dark tube. After what seems like forever you see a light and enter... what looks like the same exact white room. "You know what fook this, I am done!" You yell as you stamp off stage. Stopping only to crumple up the script and throw it at the director's face. The director was Bubbadoo, all he wanted to do was become admin. This elaborate stage was just for Perigrin to make Bubbadoo admin. At Least to his merit those were some damn fine furry pics.

Bubba-gum, what the fruck did I just read?


--- Quote from: Lorknis on July 21, 2015, 03:18:01 pm ---Bubba-gum, what the fruck did I just read?

--- End quote ---
Something from my sleep deprived state of mind. I just want to be admin so I can fiddle with the Arcade, with the caveat of editing outside my jurisdiction (Which is general discussion) gets me unadmined.

Also writing the short story was the only way I could figure getting out of having to write my application in opera form. Which is what Perigrin accepted for SeigeLion's application.


--- Quote from: Bubbadoo on July 21, 2015, 03:21:42 pm ---Something from my sleep deprived state of mind.

--- End quote ---
I think there's more than just sleep deprivation at work here.


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