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Re: Rules
« on: March 11, 2015, 07:43:39 pm »
To expand on the list for mods
1: no censoring creative endeavors
2: Do not abuse mod powers by censoring items you do not like but are not against the rules
3: No using Red Text, use a different, less hostile color

All I've got.

What is wrong with glorious Soviet text you Capitalist pig-dog!?

In seriousness: I'll probably use the dreaded Comic-Sans in bright magenta to modtext people if they're being asshats or not cooling it. Any form of fiction will be strictly hands off, since the reason we moved was due to censorship.

Censorship should only be used against actual offensive things (gore, porn, bad 50 Shades fanfiction).

A more comprehensive list of rules than "Don't be a dick" for the main post would probably be a good idea, so if anyone doesn't mind me writing up a first draft for it then here goes.

1: Don't be directly offensive to another forum member in an aggressive or hateful manner.
2: No directed racism, or comments that follow the actual definition of racism, such as being said in a hateful manner.
3: Don't spam, double posting is fine occasionally as long as there is a reason to do so.
4: Offensive, sexual, seizure inducing and questionable content should be placed behind a spoiler with an appropriate warning clearly written in the post. (Perhaps have an official colour for content warnings?)
5: No links to webpages that you know aren't safe, or may be questionably safe.
6: Do not attempt to work around a ban, doing so will likely result in an even longer ban or permaban.

A specific list of rules for Mod behaviour seems like it would also be a good idea, although so far all I've got is
1: Do not cause "The Moddening"

Yeah, pretty much this.