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Company Name: Aryan Special Service Group
Intent: Provide military, security, and espionage services to
Location: Main headquarters and training facilities in New Persia, Terra Solarus
Affiliation: Multiple human corporations and government agencies
Worth: Unknown, but at least 100 trillion credits suspected worth.

Species Affiliations: Terrans, suspected of collaboration with other races.

Description & History: Aryan Special Service Group came into existence shortly after the conflict that united humanity, initially being comprised mostly of the remains of the Iranian military. Within several years, they had attracted veterans of the war from all over the globe, offering them an occupational life similar to what they had before the Earth was called Terra, and national armies were abolished in favour of a planetary military.

While rumours have always abounded that the majority of the soldiers employed by the ASSG came from the losing side of the conflict, the group's directors were very careful to keep their toes far back from the line when dealing with the new government, making sure to not work against it's interests (at least in a documentable, overt fashion), and offering it a variety of essential, highly discounted services during the rebuilding. Though evidence has increasingly come to light in more recent years of the ASSG's collusion with alien races, dissident groups, and other less than legitimate factions, the general outlook humanity's government takes is that the motivation for these things is profit based rather than ideological, and the ASSG is still a valuable (and dangerous) enough asset that a crackdown or attempt at forcing dissolution would cause more issues than it would solve.

The ASSG offers a wide variety of services, and prides itself on using discretion in carrying out it's mission. Accordingly, they are often employed by groups who, though likely capable of accomplishing a given goal without ASSG support, would prefer their name to not be attached to whatever actions are required. Most commonly, ASSG employees will act as a bolstering force or private military contingent for corporations, though they do still often work with governmental agencies, and participate in smaller scale operations such as assassinations, intelligence gathering, and industrial espionage.

The ASSG's equipment is varied and wide-ranging, and is on par with that of most modern armed forces. Beyond a standardized uniform, employees are generally permitted to use whatever personal equipment they desire, so long as the logistics are within reason. Besides this the ASSG also maintains stockpiles of some of the best armaments available, from Rastal battle tanks, to Ardite laser weapons, to Hortek Devastator machine guns - how much of this equipment is acquired is something of a mystery to those outside of the corporation's upper ranks. A mission-suitable portion of the corporate armoury is typically offered to employees on assignment, though items such as cruise missiles and fighter craft, being both expensive and specialised, have not been reported as being readily available, though it's suspected at least some examples of these types of equipment are available to the ASSG.

Organisationally, the ASSG is very similar to an actual military, with a rank, commendation, and penalty system in place. Recruiting standards are generally high, but a military background is typically the only set requirement for full-time employment. In special circumstances, non-military irregulars may also be contracted. Though the ASSG appears to follow a "humans-only" hiring policy, and had a written rule to that effect until recently, this has been publicly announced as no longer being a requirement, and they have been known to contract the occasional alien operative.

At present, estimations put employee numbers at roughly 150,000 active combat members, and an unknown number of support staff. This puts the ASSG on par with many pre-unification human militaries.

Notable PCs:

Jerrel Van Held (contract worker liason)

((I'm starting to get that RP I mentioned before together, and it occurred to me that having a mercinary group that might employ PCs would be handy.))
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Re: Aryan Special Service Group (Human Corporation)
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Re: Aryan Special Service Group (Human Corporation)
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Area Record 1782:
Date: 08/29/██

Event: An elderly human feeding itself to a group of kakapo. Did not express pain, appeared ambivalent.


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Neat, I'll be glad to move this.
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