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Dragon Industries
« on: February 12, 2017, 05:50:46 pm »

"You bring the gold, we bring the fire."

Company Name: Dragon Industries
Intent: To produce the armaments by which humanity may claim their rightful place at the top of the galactic food chain.
Location: Terra
Affiliation: United Terra-Solus Empire
Worth: 400,000 Standard Credits

Description & History:
Dragon Industries has a surprisingly short history, though it is a rather interesting one nonetheless. The company was formed by a veteran of a minor skirmish against the Rastal who had suddenly had the spectacular realization that humanity as a whole was terribly outgunned. He immediately set about, searching through multiple databases for information on the leading producers of armaments, but quickly discovered that they seemed to be more intent on turning a profit than on truly supplying humanity with the equipment they needed to fight off alien threats.

Working rapidly, the veteran decided that he needed to step in and work for the greater good of mankind. It would take more than the basic ballistic weapons that Terra had relied on for so many centuries, and that meant intensive research and development. Dragon Industries started by just reselling old products, and by playing the stock market for as long as possible as they shuffled nearly all available funds into scientific research. Remarkably, the company never fell to the malicious tactics commonly employed of stealing other companies research, probably because they were far too busy simply trying to out-research everyone in the world.

With nearly all of their funding down the drain, and vulture-like stockholders waiting for the company to finally become terminal, the company finally began to unveil their intensive research. They had determined various weapons that were relatively new, and inconceivable to many who saw the advancements only as sci-fi projects, best left to fiction writers and artistic interpretation. A surprising amount of funding was pulled from the company, leaving them sitting with their prototypes and not nearly enough commercial value to do anything worthwhile. Assorted other industries attempted to buy them out, but the founder refused to be cowed, and; in a remarkable act of showmanship and charisma, asked those people who had seen the alien threat, those that could not sleep at night for fear of being bombed from orbit, those who wished to see their children grow up in a world where they could know peace, to assist Dragon Industries.

The response was enormous, and somewhat uncharacteristic for the commercially-based, and greedy humanity. Dragon Industries has only been around for something like three years, but despite their relatively low monetary value, their true worth lies in the unrevealed projects they've formed, and in the hearts of mankind that they have proselytized to their cause.

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Re: Dragon Industries
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Re: Dragon Industries
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