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Titan Shipyard And Spacial Systems (Terran Corporation)
« on: February 01, 2017, 04:14:15 pm »
Company Name:  Titan Shipyard And Spatial Systems
Intent:  Manufacture and develop spacecraft for a variety of purposes
Location:  Titan
Affiliation: UTAF
Worth: 1,100 trillion GSC in corporate assests. The amount controlled directly by the UTE is somewhat incalculable.

Description & History:

The history of the Titan Shipyard is tied intimately with the history of human spaceflight, as well as that of other Terran corporate giants such as Siegeworks and Ardite Industries. Beginning in the late 1990s as a provider of private orbital launch vehicles, Titan Orbital Systems quickly found success as most national governments shifted from public space programs to private systems in the early 2000s.

As their wealth and capabilities increased, Titan was expanded to include military services as well as civilian, contributing directly to the design of the United Statesí first orbital weapons systems, as well as their placement in orbit. Due to the U.S. militaryís increasing reliance on TOS to effective defend their nation against large scale threats, Titanís facilities received substantial governmental grants and manpower to aid in securing and hardening them against possible attack.

As it turned out, this worked excellently in Titanís favour when the Unity War broke out. Despite being a priority target for the U.S.ís enemies, while they were still relevant, and a major factor in the later conflict between the remnants of the American military and Unification forces, most of the companyís assets remained relatively intact.

Perhaps due to this, or perhaps due to their control over the majority of the remaining ordnance in Terraís orbit, Titan was not seized as a government asset after the war. Instead, a fairly uncommon system of split private and governmental ownership was devised, allowing mankind to return to space relatively quickly, and Titan Orbital Systems became richer than the founders had ever imagined possible.

This prosperity only grew more rapidly after the discovery of trans-newtonian elements allowing for faster than light travel. When the UTE sent the first colonists to Mars, it was Titan ships which carried them, and ferried the equipment supplied by Ardite Industries that was so critical to their survival. When the first humans visited worlds beyond the Sol system, it was on ships built at Titanís Lunar Orbital Facilities.

Eventually, Titan Orbital Systems, now renamed Titan Shipyard And Spatial Systems, was granted near total control over Jupiterís most well known moon, and their namesake. The moon was converted into a massive ship building facility, and, using materials allocated directly by the UTE, is responsible for the majority of military and commercial vessels in Terran use. Partnerships with other Terran corporations have allowed them to stay on the forefront of weapons, communications, and propulsion technology. The future is bright.


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