Author Topic: The Lore of UMCW  (Read 2564 times)

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Re: The Lore of UMCW
« Reply #30 on: May 12, 2015, 07:04:49 pm »
Yeah, I think I might just wait or scrap my ideas entirely. I have no clue about the lore other then the whole "well we make it up as we go along" which is a horrible ****ing idea with an RP of this size, the general adlibbed BS'ing factor worked for The Highway because it was based off of the Cataclysm games before branching out into its own entity where we had a timeline and backstory.

Someone could make a large RP changing event, but could be retconned later with something else because its liked by the GMs; which is completely fine, but at the point this RP-Verse is at now it needs a large sit down, where all the GMs are locked in the Google Docu-Drive or on the IRC and they make a concrete basis of major events for people to expand off of, other then some vague details about whats happening in the background.

Changed my mind and wrote an example timeline since my I took my company warfare idea and fed it to my sharks. The sharks thirst for blood now.

[[My other shit however will be going up tonight. When I feel like it.]]


2035- An unknown terror organization detonates bombs at US embassies across the globe, several months later British Parliament was invaded by an unknown group where they were kept hostage for nearly three weeks, more bad terrorist ****.

2038- The UN organizes a special group of well-trained peacekeepers to infiltrate what they believe is the group responsible for several bombings as well as the Parliament Hostage Crisis.

2039- UN initiates martial law upon the world, tensions rise between the UN and United States/European Commonwealth

2040- The Terra Solus Crisis violently begins as the UN (with its newly created "Elite-Keepers"), invade the US and European Commonwealth creating a war on two fronts. By the end of the year the US and European Common Wealth sign a treaty stating that both would become one whole nation called the United Terran Front

2044- The Terra Solus Crisis ends with the UN Prime Ministers execution on June, 17th.

20xx- Magic happens and the UTF have SPESSSHIPS! WOOOOAAAAAHHhH!