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Title: Vulnus' Workshop
Post by: RedVulnus on February 05, 2016, 12:31:20 am
AKA I'm not gonna clutter with ten billion threads anymore! Also a place to post info and get feed back on ideas which is always nice.
Anyway time for the first idea I have!

The Devil's Contract
He came to each of you with the same offer: Everything you wanted, your dreams come true, and he'd even extend your lifespans by a couple hundred years. In return when you died you would work for him for  two hundred years. You all took the deal, why wouldn't you? This guy was full of shit so why not say yes.
Well it turns out the devil is real, though not quite how the bible told you he was. The most beautiful angel was actually a rather handsome looking man who often wore a rather loose fitting blue button up shirt with a deep purple tie, business slacks, and a pair of comfortable looking leather shoes. The red skin and flames only ever came out when someone stepped over the line.
Well anyway, one by one each of you died, maybe with a bullet to the head, maybe poison, whatever it was wasn't natural. The Devil doesn't give these deals to the kind of people who die of natural causes, he gives them to gangsters, dictators, hitmen, the kind of people that you would call 'bad'. He gives them the deal, and if they take it they get whatever they want. After that the Devil sends them out to do his dirty work with a bit of extra power.
He gives them something special, I think those christian dummies call it witch craft or magic or something. It could be flight, controlling fire, super strength, what have you. He gives them these powers so they can do what he needs done, which sometimes means hunting down one of his Demons that stepped out of line, or dragging some poor soul down into hell.
Basically in The Devil's Contract your character signed a contract with the Devil. He gave you everything you ever wanted and a longer life span to boot. In return after you die you come work for him for a while taking care of things like run away Demons. To level the playing field between you and the kind of people the Devil deals with he gives you special powers, though you get to choose what you get.
Now keep in mind I'm not just going to be pulling from Christian mythology here, I'll pull from other sources like Greek mythology and I'll also make a few things up for myself. There will also be downtime where you can explore hell, meet up with NPCs if your so inclined, or browse the shops. And for rolling I'm just going to roll a 1d6, 1 being crit failure, 6 being crit success.

I'd write more but it's late and I'm too tired to write much more coherent stuff, but if you think that's an interesting idea do please let me know.
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Post by: RedVulnus on April 10, 2016, 09:50:37 pm
Mechanics work, don't mind me...

X amount of EXP gains a level, which gives you a perk point and increases health and such. Nothing overtly special.

Perk Points
Every level you get a perk point every level, and those are used to unlock perks that increase combat capability or have unique effects.

Double damage if you roll a crit. After a perk a crit will cause other effects.

Special Crits
After you put a perk point into Special crits your crits will do special things.
Some examples
Biological Shrapnel: part of the enemy explodes and turns into shrapnel, damaging nearby enemies.
Torn Artery: The enemy bleeds for 2d6 damage per turn until they can bandage themselves.
Eye shot: The enemy is blinded in one eye and takes penalties on their to hit roles.

I may be working on something...maybe, possibly. Either way, thoughts?
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Post by: RedVulnus on April 27, 2016, 10:00:29 pm
*looks at Empire of Caesar* Well....that didn't work. Here, have some rules I've been working on for a strategy styled RP.

Cover reduces the chance for incoming fire to hit you. Cover comes in quarter, half and full cover which grant varying degrees of protection. As it takes fire cover will deteriorate depending on its material and the weapon being used. Flanking will also nullify the effects of cover.
Quarter cover
This is generally an object that a person can duck or stand behind. Parts of the body are generally still in view of any enemies that may be looking for you such as parts of the arms, legs, or parts of the chest and stomach. This gives any incoming fire a minus one to hit the target.

Half cover
This is any object or structure that comes up to the waist and allows a person to duck behind that will nearly cover their entire body. Generally small parts of the body will be poking out such as hands, feet, and parts of the head or chest. This gives any incoming fire a minus two to hit the target.

Full cover
This is any object that the target can stand behind and be fully covered. Nothing can be seen or is sticking out. This gives any incoming fire a minus four to hit the target.


Movement speed is how far youíre units can move in a single movement action. Movement is either in Squares or feet with squares being about five feet. The normal movement action is thirty feet, or six squares. Units have two movement actions per turn totaling up to twelve squares, though certain conditions may increase or decrease this.
Movement actions are also used to change stance and weapon and to reload. A unitís stance can be standing, crouching, or prone and each of these have their advantages. Standing gives no penalties to movement or accuracy. Crouching halves you movement speed and provides a plus one to hit the unitís target. Prone reduces movement speed to a single square but provides a plus three to hit the target. Switching weapons and reloading requires a singular movement action.


Initiative is rolled at the start of every combat and determines who moves first. Initiative is rolled for the entire squad using a d20. The turn order starts with whoever rolled the highest and goes from there. If two groups roll the same they re-roll to determine which of them goes before the other.

Armor fits into the light, medium, or heavy classes. Armor negates some damage that the unit would have taken but costs them some mobility.
Light Armor
This generally consists of light vests either made of Kevlar or designed to carry light armor plates made of thin or relatively lightweight metal or other bullet resistant materials. This armor takes off three damage but takes one square off the unitís movement speed. This is recommended for any unit and especially any unit with sub-standard movement speed or those that rely on fast movement speed to accomplish their job.
Medium Armor
This consists of a vest designed to carry moderately heavier plates than its light counterpart and also consists of Kevlar or similar plates on the shoulders and upper legs. This armor takes off six damage but takes two squares off the unitís movement speed. This armor is acceptable for any unit though the limited movement speed could be detrimental.
Heavy Armor
This consists of a Kevlar vest with a pouch for heavy duty armor plating designed to take a number of large caliber bullets as well as full arm and leg Kevlar plating. This armor takes off ten damage but takes four squares off the units movement speed. This armor is not recommended for units with standard movement speed.

Combat as with everything else is taken in turns. Who moves first is determined by initiative which has already been discussed so I wonít go over it again here. What a turn in combat consist of is movement actions, attack actions, and the results of such.
Attack actions are just that, attacks. They usually consist of a unit a firing his designated weapon at the specified enemy unit. A d20 is rolled to determine if the attack hits and then damage is rolled according to the weapon and armor and penalties are factored in.
There are also limited use items such as grenades or rocket launchers. Limited use items can be used a certain number of times during combat and have varying effects. A grenade will do area damage where as a med kit will heal the target.

Death, unconsciousness, and injury
There are three stages to the health of a unit. Living, Unconsciousness, and then Death. Unconsciousness results when a unitís health reaches zero or below and the unit is knocked out and unable to act. At this point the unit can be revived and death averted. Reviving a unit with a non-medic unit gives them only minimal health where as a medic reviving another unit will result in them coming back with half of their total health.
Once unconscious there is a limited amount of time to revive them. There are ten turns to revive the unit, though after a certain threshold of negative health that time is cut in half and if their health reaches over negative ten they will die instantly. An enemy unit may execute an unconscious unit if they reach them, but this often less than advantageous for the enemy and therefore a tactic not often deployed.
Injury is a result of unconsciousness however and will result in negative injuries for the unit in question. What specific negative injury is random as the result is rolled on d100. It could be anything from reduced movement speed to accuracy penalties.

Experience and Combat Traits

Experience is gained at the end of a mission for each individual unit. Once a certain amount of experience is gained the unit levels up and has increased health and a number of points to put into Combat Traits. The amount of experience required to level up increases each time however.
Combat Traits fit into several categories. These affect the capabilities of a unit, such as the long range or close-quarters capabilities. The categories are: Ranged, CQC, Fitness, and Weapons.
This trait increases the capability of the unit to use weapons meant to be used at long to mid-range. After certain thresholds this trait increases damage with these weapons at their designated range. IE: Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
This trait increases the capability of the unit to use weapons designed for close-quarters combat. After certain thresholds this trait increases damage with these weapons at their designated range. IE: Shotguns, SMGs, Pistols.
This trait increases the overall fitness of the unit. After certain thresholds the unit gains increased health or additional movement speed at the discretion of the commander.
This trait increases the capability of the unit with all weapons. After certain thresholds this trait allows the unit to select a specific weapon specialization, greatly increasing their capabilities with it. IE: Shotguns, Assault rifles, etc.

A couple things might get reworked, such as the whole experience and combat traits system, but for right now this is what I've got and I'd actually really appreciate some thoughts on these.
Title: Re: Vulnus' Workshop
Post by: Forrest on May 05, 2016, 11:37:18 pm
Oh. Wow. That's pretty cool, Vulnus.

Sorry I hadn't really been active when Empire of Caesar opened up.
Title: Re: Vulnus' Workshop
Post by: RedVulnus on May 06, 2016, 01:48:02 pm
Glad you like what you see. I'll post some more about what I'm planning later, but I've got the basic rule set down though it's going to be a while before that's done.
In the mean time I'm going to see about giving Empire of Caesar a kick start, hopefully get it running.
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Post by: Wheel-Son on May 06, 2016, 03:00:08 pm
Devil's contract seems really fun, gives me a Deadbolt vibe.
Title: Re: Vulnus' Workshop
Post by: RedVulnus on May 06, 2016, 03:22:35 pm
Never heard of Deadbolt before but glad you like the idea. I'll work on putting something together for it since I'll need some mechanics specifically for it.
Title: Re: Vulnus' Workshop
Post by: RedVulnus on September 15, 2016, 04:00:56 pm
Got a few ideas for some stuff, mostly free form RP with somewhat more structured universes, just going to write one down right now.

The Imperial Legion (which is based off of something I'm writing of the same name, and I think my old version is up here in the creative section)

3 factions that will be playable

The Imperial Legion: Consisting of millions of Legionnaires split into varying Regiments. These are the Imperium's super soldiers in a sense, trained from a young age due to circumstances the Legionnaires voluntarily modified their genetics and used robotic augmentations to enable them to perform their duty to extraordinary proficiency. Their armor is specially built by their armories and is essentially immune to small arms fire. However 'small arms' has different connotations for those that they fight, and their version of 'small arms' could punch a hole through the chest of a man wearing standard issues body armor of the Grand Army. The Imperial Legion however prefers infantry combat and their vehicles primarily consist of armored air and ground transports.

The Grand Army of the Imperium
While the Imperial Legion handles outside threats and the Iscariots the Grand Army keeps the peace and handles internal affairs such as rebellions. Unlike their counterpart the Grand Army does not have near impervious armor available to to them, instead wearing bullet resistant body armor similar to the old Kevlar vests but much stronger, though with stronger weapons also available the effects are similar.  They also have a heavier reliance on their armored divisions in large scale combat, though they do have very capable infantry divisions that fight alongside their armor and also engage in combat in areas that armor cannot reach.

The Iscariots
Worshiping the Great One, a being from the Beyond, The Iscariots committed the atrocity that birthed the Imperial Legion, the massacre of every single adult non believer on their original home planet. The children left to die on that planet became the Imperial Legion's first members, and since then they have taken on orphans to train and fight in the Legion. The Iscariots though have been gathering more to their beliefs and slaughtering those who oppose them. They use whatever weapons they can get their hands on and assemble their own armor from whatever they can get their hands on, even stealing Grand Army tanks to compliment their infantrymen.

And mechanic wise it'll be similar to Azmodal, though I may limit how far up the chain of command you can start.
There's more I could write for this but I'm just checking interest at this point.
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Post by: ApatheticExcuse on September 15, 2016, 05:42:06 pm
Just a thought (you said you wanted feedback and I'll probably end up playing whatever you come up with, so here you go), but it seems like the issue with having a freeform type RP and NOT having the "start towards the top" option might make things a little tough. If I can control a legion, not having a set story to follow works fine, because I can decide to drag that legion around the galaxy or do whatever with it within the bounds of that position. Starting as a Legionnaire doesn't work quite as well because it's a matter of waiting around for an order to do something - there's only so much that I can think of off hand that a lowly soldier could really do within the constraints of "reasonable reality". I'm certainly not against playing something more rigid than what you have going on in Azmodal.

Interest-wise, if no one is into my thing, I'd probably join. If there is interest in my thing, I'm not sure I'll have time to run that, play AJ's thing, your other thing, and this.
Title: Re: Vulnus' Workshop
Post by: RedVulnus on September 15, 2016, 06:16:16 pm
Honestly the general idea I had for the Imperial Legion would be that you're a part of a special group in whatever regiment you're in that gets put down in sections of planets known to have Iscariots to hunt them down. So essentially you'd have an objective to complete but you got to decide how to go about it. Eventually you could go up the ranks and possibly lead one of the regiments.

And there are similar ideas for the other two as well, but I might just go ahead and let people play as the higher ranks right off the bat. thanks for the feedback by the way, and I totally understand not having time for a bunch of different RPs.
Title: Re: Vulnus' Workshop
Post by: ApatheticExcuse on September 15, 2016, 06:18:57 pm
Well, I think that concept is pretty sound. If there is enough free time, you could count me in in some capacity.
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Post by: RedVulnus on November 14, 2016, 08:22:31 pm
Heavy Weapons Expert
Carrying heavy weapons and heavier armor the Heavy Weapons Expert provides suppressing fire to keep the enemy pinned or focuses a sheer volume of fire capable of killing his target in a manner most would describe as Ďoverkillí. Most weapons used by this class require being set up before effectively firing however so positioning yourself is key to avoid being unprepared in a fire fight. The Heavy Weapons Expert and all specializations can deploy ammo to refill allies ammo when they run low.
Heavy Weapons Expert Specializations

Specializing in heavy machine guns and support type weapons(excluding explosive weapons) to aid his team by either keeping an area covered with powerful overwatch fire, suppressing groups of enemies, or delivering a heavy focused fire on priority targets. The Sentinel also carries deployable cover for his allies to use.

Specializing in explosive weapons and capable with light machine guns the Grenadier handles groups of enemies by using grenade launchers and destroys obstacles with remotely detonated charges. The Grenadier gets bonuses when firing into groups, attacking armored targets, and receives unique support tools such as Radar Grenades. Though the Grenadier is capable of dealing with groups he becomes less effective when dealing with single, unarmored, or spread out targets.

Special Operations Soldiers
Known under various names depending on the country the Special Operations Soldier is fast moving and hard hitting. Carrying assault rifles or SMGs alongside their side arms they can take care of enemy units quickly and efficiently. They are also capable of stealthy infiltration.
Special Operations Soldiers Specializations

Utilizing silenced weapons and moving stealthily the Commando is capable of infiltration. choosing not to be seen the Commando carries a stealth device that aids them in blending into the background. In open combat they prefer to dip in and out of combat, taking out important targets before disappearing to find the next.

 Having a preference to fighting the Operative carries medium armor and utilizes hard hitting ARs to deal with targets. The Operative brings hard hitting single target damage to compliment a greater movement speed when compared to the Heavy Weapons Expert. The Operative also carries light medical supplies though a Medic is still a necessary member of any team.

two of the classes, well their descriptions and the descriptions of their specializations.
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Post by: Wheel-Son on November 15, 2016, 09:00:35 am
Having a melee orentated class or two would be nice
Title: Re: Vulnus' Workshop
Post by: RedVulnus on November 15, 2016, 11:48:41 am
Having a melee orentated class or two would be nice
I planned to make one melee class with it's two specializations, one being fast but low armor the other being a kind of hard hitting and hard to kill. If there's specifics you would like let me know, though I'm not going to garuntee I'll put it in.
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Post by: Wheel-Son on November 15, 2016, 01:11:02 pm
Something built around swords and throwing knives, maybe.
Forgive me, I just want to hit things with a swoooord
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Post by: Forrest on November 15, 2016, 01:47:19 pm
Lookin' good so far, man.
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Post by: RedVulnus on November 22, 2016, 09:55:35 pm
The Gladiator
Specializing in melee weapons, thrown weapons, and capable with pistols the Gladiator charges in head on to render foes into pieces and crush skulls. The need for heavy armor, training, and physical conditioning means that many gladiators lack skills outside of their combat expertise. All gladiators have access to spike grenades that they can attach to walls, vehicles, or enemies(whom they can proceed to throw or kick away) which can be set to proximity detonation, remote detonation, or used as a regular grenade on a timer.
The Gladiator Specializations
The Berzerker is the embodiment of strength and carries large two handed weapons. Wearing armor that even the Sentinel would call excessive the Berzerker charges into the fray with little care for personal safety, after all the surgeon can just patch him back up. If you need to kill a specific target, the Berzerker wonít just kill him but render him into tiny bits.
The Guardian
Unlike his Berzerker brother the Guardian wears even heavier armor and carries a shield that the engineers describe as a Ďpiece of tank armor with a handle attachedí. He is a moving piece of cover that his allies can duck behind quickly during a fire fight and can still dish punishment.

The Medic
The Medic provides medical care to his compatriots in the field. Heís also trained in combat so as to help in any fire fights the team may get in. He also provides support with line of sight breaking smoke grenades and later on gets access to healing stations that allies can move close to receive small health recovery every turn.
The Medic Specializations
Field Medic
The Field Medic provides powerful healing during combat but lacks the capability to heal more long term injuries which may affect combat capalities of his allies. However he still retains the capability to revive fallen allies.
The Surgeon
Providing less powerful in combat healing the Surgeon instead provides exceptional out of combat healing and can remove long term injuries which affect his allies combat capabilities and can revive fallen allies.

The Hunter
The Hunter is the long range specialist. The Hunters come from a variety of back grounds but most of them are either military or PMC but some come from actual hunting backgrounds of the illegal variety.
The Hunter Specializations
The Ranger
More mid ranged then his other counterpart the Ranger uses DMRs to bring consistent fire on his targets and help his compatriots. The Ranger is also the recon of the group carrying special observation drones, cameras, and target identification equipment to pick out high priority targets and additional bounties.
The Sniper
Providing long range fire support the sniper is almost always well away from the actual danger and provides significant overwatch capabilities. The sniper also carries anti material rifles to help take out armored targets and provides additional support with a long range ordinance carrying drone.

Indirect fire
Sometimes it is possible to fire on an enemy that is not in your sight or through a wall. If an ally can see an enemy that you can't, but is within your weapon range and nothing can stop your shots then it is possible to fire on them with a slight accuracy penalty.

CS for the RP(may as well)

Equipment:(if you have questions just ask)
Background:(is really more for the RP element)
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Post by: RedVulnus on January 22, 2017, 01:02:39 pm
Analyzing....Identity Confirmed, welcome aboard.
You have been assigned to [redacted] to lead special operations squads as we attempt to deal with the threat to the United Galaxy Association. You will be tasked with various objectives that you must accomplish in order to further the mission. Now playing training video to aid in preparations for the task ahead...

"So you're the new the squad commanders. Listen up, you'll be leading squads to accomplish assigned objectives. You'll get to pick out what specializations your squad members have but we cannot provide enough personnel for you to pick and choose who you get, so you'll be assigned someone in that specialization. Aida display the specializations please."

Purpose: Keep the squad alive and moving.
Armaments: SMGs, pistols, semi-auto rifles
Additional Protection: Personal Shield
Heal: Used to restore a soldiers hit points.
Revive: Used to pick a downed soldier up.
Cryo Ammo: Slows and potentially freezes targets but diminishes damage to personal shields.

Purpose: Keep vehicles running and bypass mechanical and electric obstacles
Armaments: Semi-auto rifles, pistols, shotguns
Additional Protection: Armor
Repair: Used to restore weapons, armor, and mechanical allies.
Turret: The Engineer deploys a turret that targets any enemies in the area or acts as a remote sentry that will alert the engineer to incoming enemies.
Incendiary Ammo: Burns and potentially ignites targets and does additional damage to armor and standard health

Purpose: Commit to close quarters combat and attract the attention of enemy troops to allow comrades to acquire better positions.
Armaments: Shotguns, pistols, Assault Rifles
Additional Protection: Armor and Personal Shields
Taunt: The Assault soldier enrages his enemy to attract fire from his allies.
Overcharge: The Assault Soldier overcharges his shields and weapons to all him to charge into combat. After 3 turns his shields will be disabled for two turns and his weapons will return to normal parameters.
Incendiary Ammo: Burns and potentially ignites targets and does additional damage to armor and standard health

Purpose: Provide suppression and heavy weapons capabilities for the squad and allow his allies to restock ammo after combat situations
Armaments: Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, pistols
Additional Protection: Armor and Personal Shields
Suppression: The Support Soldier fires heavy volumes of fire in  a specific direction and suppresses any enemies in that direction(requires Machine Guns)
Targeting Algorithm: Using the built in technology of his helmet or visor the Support Soldier fires a high damage shot or burst at a specific target
Electric Ammo: electrifies the target doing additional damage to shields and robots.

So I'm working on thing. you lead a squad of up to four other members, and there are 2 more classes that I'll write up later. In combat you directly control every member of your squad and outside of it your squad will be NPCs which you can interact with and outside of operations will do their own thing.

So some under the hood mechanics that you'll need to keep in mind

Each squad member has a loyalty score which is not available for you. Depending on your actions you can affect their loyalty, which can either make them more effective and unlock new skills and capabilities for the soldier or it can make them question your orders. The former is a good thing, the latter not so much. If a soldier's loyalty score gets low enough they may voice their concerns in public or private which can affect the loyalty score of the other squad members or they may just leave the squad entirely which is also bad, but that's discussed in the leveling section.
Some soldiers may require some help with a matter outside of the mission to unlock certain abilities or traits but this is dependent on the soldier. Not doing these missions won't damage their loyalty but they will be unable to advance their loyalty further.

You and your squad members level up together but if one of your soldiers dies or leaves their replacement will be level one. The replacement will slowly build up to the point of the other squad members but it will take some time and in the meantime they're weaker than everyone else on the squad.
Leveling increases the capabilities of the squad and makes abilities more powerful as well as increasing health, armor, and shields depending on the protection type the soldier has.

And more details to come once I finish writing things up. As a note though I'm probably going to limit the number of players so...I don't know if you really want to participate when it's done shoot me a pm and we can talk about it, but I'm not promising any reserved slots.
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Post by: RedVulnus on March 12, 2017, 12:11:18 am
Hey folks, since I have this little thread for this type of thing I've got a question for anyone interested in joining an RP run on Roll 20. I'm gonna list a few settings below  and let me know what you find interesting from the list.
onto the settings

1: WW1 tech level world where players are involved in a major war
2: Fantasy setting with WW1 era tech (so you have things like elves, orks, and the like as well as magic alongside WW1 Era technology)
3: Fantasy setting in which magic is a hard to perform task that is exceedingly dangerous for the caster but the magic is very powerful
4: Medieval setting with fantasy elements excluding magic.

These are the settings I'm interested in working on but if no one is interested I can work on other settings, I'm just seeing if there's interest in these first.
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Post by: Wayward Pilgrim on April 04, 2017, 11:27:49 am
number 2 is pretty neato
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Post by: RedVulnus on April 04, 2017, 02:04:22 pm
Okay another question so hopefully this works.

Do you want to be adventurers? Soldiers? Basically what do you want to be in this world as a group. As a note if you're adventurers it'd be preferable if we could figure a way out for your characters to know each other before hand.

And as note I may not be able to set time aside since a lot of things keep popping up that I have to help take care of on the weekends and I'm fairly busy on weekdays. So this may have to be a forum RP. If I can't find the spare time to actually both organize a session and run it weekly I'll still put together maps and the like in Roll20 or similar and post them as images here, as well as all the other things needed for the RP to run. If it not being on Roll20 or in the standard session format is a deal breaker then I apologize but life has gotten pretty busy for me at the moment.
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Post by: Wayward Pilgrim on April 06, 2017, 11:51:51 pm
Sorry for holding off on answering, I was hoping somebody else would reply, but did you have any specific ideas for adventurers or soldiers? Both seem good to me.

I was thinking a form RP too, so it's all good.
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Post by: RedVulnus on April 07, 2017, 01:05:19 am
I have ideas for both.

For adventurers depending on how you want to play it you could be hired by someone or could have heard about something that got your interest.

For soldiers you'd have a task you would need to accomplish, retrieving an important artifact or killing a person(s) or helping in a war.

As for specific ideas I have

For Adventurers

You've recently heard of a once grand city long lost to the world recently uncovered. However those who have found their way to this city have returned speaking of the living dead and monstrosities that they were lucky to survive meeting. If you feel brave enough perhaps you can make a name for yourselves delving into the city.

You had heard stories of strange goings on near the borders of the Monarchy. People disappearing and towns burning down. According to the few poor farmers that were allowed into the inner districts a masked man is the cause of this. They called him the Herald of Death, a former plague doctor evidently. Perhaps taking on this mad man will provide you with a standing among the nobles that you could leverage in the future.

For soldiers

You've been assigned with investigating the fortresses along the Kore Line(named after city through which the line for the Front was drawn). With the war won some form of communication of the surrender of those within the fortresses should have been received but nothing has been heard. As one of the elite squads of the army you have been sent to investigate the fortresses to determine what's going on. The intelligence from the few among the enemy who ever transferred out of the fortresses warns that the men inside may not be entirely stable with numerous mentions of men going missing while assigned to the doctors offices.
And whilst these are called Fortresses be aware these may as well be fortified towns and cities.
((as a note there will be NPCs with you since it wouldn't make much sense to send 4-6 people to search what's not only the size of a town or city but also is a heavily fortified military position to boot))


Those are the ideas I have for the two options, granted not in as much detail as will be present in the RP itself.