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'Round the 'Verse / Melody
« on: February 12, 2017, 04:43:47 am »
Terra. For a majority of human's small time as a sentient species it has been our cradle, keeping us warm and safe inside its embrace. But now we have finally grown tall enough to peer over the edge of that cradle and to comprehend the outside world, even if its by a small margin. It was then we made our first colony on Mars, where we were able to develop and understand our place in this grand place in galaxy.

We have so much to learn.

To prove to the other races, the United Terran Empire has decided to colonize its first planet outside of its birth system. Luckily for the humans, it's closest star had a Tropical world with the right atmosphere to harbor human life.

We will call this place Melody.

So this will be a colony Simulation RP focused on humanity's first colony out of the Sol System: Melody. It takes place in the Alpha Centarui system on its fourth planet. The player characters are people who are given highly important jobs and form the governing body of the colony called the Council. The Council will be required to form when certain colony wide decision are needed to be made.

I highly suggest making a character specifically for this and choose their occupation carefully. The following is a list of occupations I suggest highly for this:

Spoiler:  Suggested Occupations (hover to show)
When we have a few interested players, I will post a map of the planet and we can then begin.


Characters / Jonah Shaffer (PC)
« on: January 23, 2017, 03:52:08 am »
NAME: Jonah Shaffer
FACTION: United Terran Empire (United Terran Armed Forces)
RANK: Luetentiant 
AGE: 47
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 5'10''
WEIGHT: 183 lbs
EYES: Grey
HAIR: Auburn
SKIN: White


Blends In: Jonah is rather unremarkable when it comes to his appearance.

Unification War Veteran: Jonah is a veteran of the war that united Humanity on Earth. He has more influence over officers that aren't and is quite experienced in urban engagements. 

Human Supremacist: Jonah believes that the human form is superior biologically to most other intelligent life. He is also extremely wary of other beings.

Jonah appearance is realistically close as "average" can be in the UTE. He stands at 5' 11'', his muscle tone is defined but hardly noticeable and has a rather round face. However probably the most striking feature is his hair which is auburn but graying near the sides.
Jonah was born into a poorer family on Terra in the old country known as the United States. When he was old enough, he enlisted into the United States military to escape the poverty that had so long enshrouded his life. It was three years later that the Terra Solus Crisis sparked and he was among many of the soldiers that took part in the conflict on the United Terran side. He served with distinctions in the Battle of New York where he was promoted to Lieutenant after most of his commanding officers died in an orbital bombardment from UN forces.

After the Unification, Jonah was offered a chance for command and officially he declined. What actually happened was that he was chosen as one of the first Colonial Commissars, a special branch of the military that would enforce the UTE influence where it could officially not be able to do so.


Intent: To create a mass produced, standardized armor for general United Terra Solus Armed Forces troops.
Manufacturer: Ardite Industries
Model: Battle Armor Mk I
Affiliation: United Terra Empire

Modularity: Commander varients typically have thicker armor around the chest, arms, and legs region. Their HUD's also have a general lay-out of the area they will be operating in. Specialist sets of armor may have visor that can switch between night vision and IR or may have air supplies built in.

Production: Mass-Produced on Terra. Ardite plans on expanding its fabrication facilities to Mars and Alpha Centauri within the next five years.

Material: Plastoid-Ceramic (Armor plates) Durasteel-reinforced Nanoweave (Body Glove) Environmental Underlay

Description: The Battle Armor MKI is the first standardized set of armor created since humanity has enter the galatic community and is therefore a huge improvement over the old Pre-Unification designs, using new materials and is much cheaper to produce.The plastic-ceramic scale plates are also able to quite a bit more damage against ballistics but break on contact. However due to the lack of proper production facilities, it will be a few years before the Battle Armor MKI is worn by the majority of soldiers.

The armor comes standard with a thick, protective plates located on the chest, shoulder, and back region made out of a plastic-ceramic hybrid that is light enough to not affect mobility too much and offer free range of motion. This is also in part due to how the armor plates are layered on top of one another much like scales. The arms, legs, and groin area are similarly covered with a lighter-scaled version.

The body-glove under the armor is a skin tight nano-weave mixed with graphite to provide a comfortable layer of secondary protection while providing its secondary task: thermal dispersion and body temperate regulation. You see, the graphite is integrated with the nano-weave in a tubular form, providing piping and a clever way to run electricity through the armor without shocking the wearer inside. The body temperature comes from a form of cooling called Peltier cooling (also known as the thermoelectric effect). The heat generated from the body is pulled away when electricity is channeled through the tubes and then dispersed through pores in the weave. This also has the neat affect of dispersing the heat from a small amount of laser fire.

Last but not least is the helmet, which ties this suit together. The helmet when worn is locked into the nano-weave body-glove (when placed on the head, the user twists it clock-wise slightly to lock it into place) comes with a suite of features. For example, the visor comes equiped with a HUD that connects back to his bio metrics. It also connects to any weapons that are compatible with the armor interface which will allow the user to tell when their weapon needs charged/reloaded. It also uses a LAN to provide communication between squad mates and other lines of connections that are available.   

Locations / The Sol System
« on: January 17, 2017, 09:53:18 am »
Number of Stars: 1, Class G
Names of Stars: Sol
Number of Planets: 8, two planetoids
Names of Planets: Mercury-Solus, Venu-Solus, Terra-Solus, Maros-Solus, Ceres, Asteroid Belt, Jupiter-Solus, Saturn-Solus, Uranus-Solus, Naptune-Solus, and Eris.

Inhabitants: In total: around eight billion humans spread through various space stations, the planet Terra, the planet Mars, and several small belt miners.

Notable Information:

The cradle of humanity, the Sol system is the heart of the UTE and of humanity themselves. Most of the human population that resides in this system remains on the capital on Terra, hosting nearly eight billion people. While this is smaller number than at its peak (12 billion) with recent advances in hydroponic orbital farming this population can now be easily sustained.

The other largest human colony in this system is Mars with a healthy population of 200,000 people. Since the planet's [Mar's] atmosphere will not be Earth-Like enough to support above ground colonization for another 80 years, the colony resides underground to avoid the solar radiation and frequent wind storms.

Races / Ancient Synthetics
« on: December 12, 2016, 03:08:04 am »
Name: Automated Synthetic Security
Designation: Sentient AI
Homeworld: Unknown
Language: An unknown mathmatical language
Average height of adults: Six Feet
Skin color: Cream synthetic skin
Hair color: None
Breathes: None

Strengths: No Pain Receptors, Requires no Oxygen, Strong External Metal (due to their strange metal composition, they require more damage before being destoryed)
Weaknesses: Innate programming: Despite their full sentience, there is some underlying programming preventing them from leaving their post. If forced from outside of their programmed area, they lose connection from their host mainframe. This gives them full freedom of action but will be treated as a foreign being if they were to choose to return to their host area.
Distinctions: There are virtually no distinctions between any of the Synthetics though on the infinitesimally small chance you met a Free synth, they could choose to look however they wished.   

Average Lifespan: Unknown
Races: Synthetic
Estimated Population: Unknown
Diet: None
Communication: A strange mathematical language, code.
Culture: None that has been observed so far.

Technology level: The best way to describe the tech level inside these ancient structures that the Machines occupy would be Esoteric. Even the simple operation of doors is strange and alien to any known sentient race today. Their weapons even more frightening as any who would dare tread upon these ancient metal halls will only find their probable doom.
General behavior: The Synths (once an intruder is detected) will move in and destroy whatever foreign body has made its way into their halls.

History: [Describe an abridged history.]: The first Ancient ruins discovered were discovered on Alpha Centauri buried deep inside the thick alien jungles. While little was left of the structure besides several small rooms there were still a few of the robotic sentinels in operation and the search party was then quickly destroyed after attempting to engage the machines. Since then, the UTAF has banned any treasure hunters from approaching any Ancient sites for "xeno-archaeological preservation". 

Notable Player-Characters:

Intent: Extremely late game antagonists. No seriously, these guys will fuck you up.

Races / Humans [Terrans]
« on: December 01, 2016, 09:47:02 pm »
Name: Humans

Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: Terra Solus (Earth)

Language: Galactic Standard

Average height of adults: 5' 9'' (Male) 5' 5'' (Female)

Skin color: Human skin colors is as varied as their culture. The most skin colors are pale, white, black, brown, and light brown.

Hair color: Varied but most common is brown, light brown, and blonde.

Breathes: O2 mixed with the standard humanoid atmosphere mixture.

Strengths: +Adaptable: Humans despite their fragility and lack of natural weapons are quite adaptable to their surroundings. Constantly expanding, they have learned to harness technology to change the environment to suit their needs. Their ability to adapt spreads even to their pets and livestock as they are genetically enhanced to suit humanities needs.
Weaknesses: -Frail
                     -Lack of Natural Weapons

Distinctions: [Unique physical traits that define what they are]

Average Lifespan: 100-120 on Developed Planets/60-80 on Frontier Planets

Races: Only standard humans.

Estimated Population: Humans are still new on the scene when it comes to the galactic stages so their numbers are certainly lower on other planets. An estimated 20 billions human exist in the known Galaxy.

Diet: Normal human stuff like corn and beef.

Communication: Physical Speech.

Culture: Human culture is hard to describe due to the fact that it has so many different subcultures. Each person is unique and is made up of several different human cultures based on their backgrounds. However there are a few things that can be said about human culture: Individuality is encouraged while spirituality is discouraged. Most humans are accepting of humanoid aliens while other aliens are viewed as strange, spooky, and generally viewed poorly.

Technology level: Expansion is not the only thing humans have improved while on their path to colonization. New technologies have also improved the quality of life for those on already established planets as well as for those who are on the frontier. A recent advancement in weapons tech has created the first viable laser weapons for infantry, ships, and in other military endeavors. While expensive, they are more accurate and render current armor obsolete until better armor can be researched. In the area of spacecraft, long distances can be crossed with the use of new engines that run on the Trans-Newtonian Fuel of Sephorium. Most ships are made of Durasteel (another TN resource).

Colonization and terraforming first began on Maros Solus (Mars) around 2030 and has been an example of how a successful colony should be done. Maros will have an atmosphere like Terra Solus within another 200 years if estimations are correct. The first extra-system colony with founded last year in the Bernard system on Neo-Terra Bernardous. The human population on Neo-Terra is only 20,000 but new colonists are always ready to stake their claim. Several other colonies are planned for the Alpha Centari, Sirius, and Galopos systems.

General behavior: Humans don't have a set behavior and this varies depending on the environment around them.

History: tl;dr Humans discovered trans-Newtonian resources on earth that allowed them to research new technology to head into the stars. They have met other alien races and so far their relationships haven't soured. It remains to be seen if this trend will continue into the future.

Notable Player-Characters: Admiral Williams

Intent: To be played as and prosper. #hoomans4lyfe

Corporations, Organizations, And Groups / Ardite Industries
« on: December 01, 2016, 09:44:12 pm »
Company Name: Ardite Industries
Intent: Quality Merchandise, Weapons, and Ships
Location: Anywhere a human steps, Ardite is there.
Affiliation: United Terra-Solus Empire
Worth: Last required government inspection put the estimated worth at around 900 trillion dosh but it's hard to know.

Description & History:
While Siegeworks is quantity over quality, here at Ardite we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and quality.

Ardite can trace it's founding back during the Terra-Solus Crisis during which the Terra-Solus Empire was formed and Earth had finally unified for the first time in it's history. During this time, Ardite was focused on engineering and research while its main competitor Siegeworks focused on building weapons and arming all sides in the conflict. After the Crisis, the newly formed UTE requisitioned Ardite to rebuild the heavily damaged infrastructure across the globe which put Ardite for the first time in the spot-light. It's was Ardite scientists who discovered Trans-Newtonian materials and were the first to develop the engines that put human settlers onto Maros Solus and it was Ardite engineers who built the first habitats for the colonists.

If Siegeworks would've taken those blueprints for the engines like they had planned, it could've well spelled the end to Ardite's dreams to building an Inter-Galactic spanning Corporation but thankfully they failed. Siegework's base on Terra was then destabilized and were then forced to move into the Arma System where they eventually bought the entire system. To this day, Ardite and Siegeworks share a bitter rivalry that has only heaten up ever since Siegework spies were able to steal the blueprints for the S.I.R. Energy Rifle which they plan to no doubt produce.

Suggestions and comments are welcome.


S.I.R. for UTAF Troops

Spoiler: SIR Description (hover to show)

"The Pacifier" Laser Side-Arm

Rec Room / From Below: A suggestion game
« on: November 16, 2016, 02:14:16 pm »
In the year 2020 the day that everyone thought impossible had finally come to pass. ICBMs were launched on a global scale and planet wide destruction rained down on population center's across the globe. Luckily for you though, you will be able to rest easy. You, along with 1,256 people, were preselected for entry to a state of the art bunker that would help facilitate humanities recovery.

While we wait for the bunker residents to awaken from their cryogenic stasis, let's go over some of the more important details:

Where is the bunker located? This could be any from Easter Island to the middle of a jungle.

Rec Room / Solar: A Transhuman Scifi RPG
« on: June 22, 2016, 02:27:02 pm »

The Sol System of the 23rd Century is a strange, fractured world. The light of her star shelters all of Earth's lost children; a hundred thousand distinct societies and factions, a million strains of Man and Machine, billions of strange, sovereign souls building their own future, making their own path across the breadth of the System. This is not a Mankind united and whole. Earth stands a scarred ruin, poor and desolate, and in the absence of her guidance, Man's scattered colonies, stations and refuges have grown lone and independent. To survive, they have changed, evolved, adapted. Mechanical, biotechnological and mental augmentations and alterations are not merely commonplace, they are practically omnipresent.

It is a place of wonder, of endless diversity, of impossible technology, of powerful faith, of endless creation. And it is also a place of danger, of secrets; a place of Mankind in its countless forms and pursuits.

In the outer reaches of Sol, far from the Sun's radiance, the less successful of Earth's offspring wait to be discovered. Old, failed colonies, isolationist stations, lost ships, outcast groups, unorthodox research stations - they all exist outside the web of communication and trade that holds the inner system together; known as 'echoes', they draw in the foolish and the bold to seek riches, knowledge, technology and fame for themselves. Inwards, the struggles and rivalries of Sol's endless factions and individuals provide ample work, passion or simple entertainment for thousands and thousands of her denizens.


Spoiler:  Backstory (hover to show)

Spoiler:  Overview of the Solar System (hover to show)

Spoiler:  Game Mechanics (hover to show)

Spoiler:  Classes (hover to show)

Spoiler:  Character App (hover to show)

General Discussion / Lork's Terrifying AMA!
« on: June 21, 2016, 03:56:24 pm »
Ask me things, oh forum residents! I'm pretty open on almost my entire life so let all your strangest questions flow.

Rec Room / Conflict: The Second American Civil War
« on: March 25, 2016, 01:52:46 am »
No matter how large or honored the country, each one is a living being made up of the people working their jobs and lives. As time marches forward, countries age and if not careful decadence and greed can poison the blood stream of a nation starting from the brain down. In this fictional scenario, a wolf in sheep's clothing has been elected as President of the United States and has pushed anti-constitutional reforms though executive orders. On the cusp of this large amount of change over a short amount of time, large riots have taken place in several major cities which look much like the riots that took place in Ukraine.

With tensions raising, several groups see this as the opportunity to act. The question is, do you stand with these "Bleeding Patriots" who wish to see a return to the former ways of the old United States or perhaps side with the Government whose agenda hasn't been fully revealed yet to the public? There may be some of you who may even opt out of the crisis as best as you can, not choosing either.

Either way the winds of change are blowing.

Political Leanings:
Important Family Members:
Assets: (This is things like your house and car and stuff you can't drag around like your reputation and family name)
Personal Belongings: (This is stuff you could carry around with you on your person. This can also include stuff you'd keep in your car or other transportation)
Cash on Hand:
Background: (Required)

Rec Room / From Below: The Sequel to Outbreak
« on: February 02, 2016, 01:08:47 pm »
As the land was blanketed in fire and the great cities were covered in ash, you were part of the lucky few who were able to get a spot in the cyro-gen pods in a bunker below the Earth. In fact, this was a personal bunker you had created with your hand-picked 100 people with which you would recreate society with. Your luck ends there however as something disrupts your people's rest and a emergency evacuation is proceeded with. Your group managed to scavenge some important items but left most of the items in the depths of the bunker. As your group emerges, it becomes very clear rebuilding civilization will be a most daunting task. It is time to step forth...


Spoiler:  Notice (hover to show)

(Also this is a suggestion game.)
Decide the jobs the 100 people had that made you pick them for this. They can have any job you can think of.
What continent was your bunker built in? This effects starting location and other factors.

Rec Room / The Occult Hobby
« on: January 25, 2016, 11:34:56 am »
And the time has come to start ba new roleplay thread. Delving into the ever present highschool for the supernatural threads, I have found them...wanting. By being supernatural, they all too easily toss away all the things that make the supernatural interesting - that it goes beyond what is normal. Characters are only defined by how very eccentric their powers are, and the reaction to the fabulous and unnameable is reduced to snarky remarks. If everyone is special - no one is. Vampires and half-gods, sitting at a table with literal embodiments of abstract concepts, with a timetable filled with combat-classes (which indeed often seems to be the only class), quickly leave a sour aftertaste, knowing that a vampire used to be a noble and feared master of the shadows, a single one to center an entire campaign around.

This thread does away with that.

In here, you are normal humans, born into normal families, going to normal schools, that would probably think "combat class" is something that navy seals do, not high-schoolers. In here, the supernatural and occult is exactly that. Hard to grasp, and even harder to master, it ranges from "did anything happen at all?" to so mindbogglingly powerful that nobody could have ever dreamt of such a thing. And not because it has high numbers attached to it, but because it actually defies the laws of nature - something unthinkable. When it's not an army of undead, but a single animated skeleton that strikes fear and helplessness into the heart of men, only then will the noble necromancer be where he deserves to be again. Not a standard villain, who summons weak, worthless minions and regrets having chosen the wrong skill-tree, but a master over life and death, the final frontier that so many strife to master but never can.

And delving into the unknowable starts by revealing that indeed, this is not entirely freeform, but it has a system attached to it, with numbers and dice - but none of them are known to the players. The success - and the misfortune - of their efforts unfold in the game entirely. Nobody comes to this school as a master of shooting flames from their hands, nobody is master of martial arts, or hides their demonic bloodline. You are normal students, joining a normal highschool, and with no numbers to burden you, improvisation and freeform is basicaly your game.

As such, all the info I need from you is

Appearance: (images or just description)
Backstory/Personality: If any.
Strengths: (and be honest)
Weaknesses: (and be honest)
Special: Even mundane characters might have something special about them. Note that something like actual karate skills, knowing basic latin/hebrew or access to a telescope etc counts as special.

While copious amounts of roleplay-time will be given, note that this is a plot driven game, and as such, I will limit character-spots to whatever number I feel will be good to handle. And I may or may not entirely ignore the usual first-come-first-serve basis, and cherry-pick what I think might fit best.

Also, feel free to use this time to thread-forming to post requests, regarding the tones of the game. Certain kinds of magic, lores and supernatural things you'd like to see explored, or that might add the most to your character? Now is the best time to give your input.

Spoiler:  A bit of an aside (hover to show)

Rec Room / Dark Skylines
« on: January 12, 2016, 12:47:07 am »
City 23, also know as Piety, was a bustling metropolis twenty years ago. It's tall building stretched high into the sky as citizens went about their day. However a pandemic that humanity was never equipped for emerged far below these high raises. Here the carnage was enough to seal the city off from the outside world, cutting the survivors from power, water, and heat. The survivors fled into these 200 story apartment complexes and sealed themselves off from the outside world by destroying the stairs behind them. But as their supplies ran low, those with the ability to run across the weakening rooftops kept these places supplied. Now it is twenty years later and as the supplies run thin, these survivors fought amongst themselves. But below them lies a beast, waiting for flesh to fall from the sky to feed their unending hunger.

This is the world you find yourself, where a single slip can send you falling hundreds of feet into a pit of gnashing teeth and rending claws. But you know that as the supplies running out, you'll have to search closer and closer to the Bottoms. To cope with this, most communities accept cannibalism as a common practice to help add even out the food supplied by the roof top gardens. Still, you know that even if you were to wipe out every single Afflicted from the city that this would not hold forever. It was then that the first thing from outside world played over the Dorm radio...

The Classes

Each character belongs to one of the three classes of Piety. As you advance in levels you gain perks and skills that you can level which will allow you to do some pretty interesting shit later on.

The Arbiter: Large, heavy, and decked in armor from head to toe. They specialize in close combat with their large makeshift shields made from car doors or large street signs. However they are very slow are very poor on their feet.

The Scavvie: When you need to find part and the same bastard to build the damn thing, you get a Scavvie. Wearing light to medium armor this guy is good at ranged weapons such as the battery launcher and the Impaler.

The Runner: Fastest people of the colony who are able to get around the easiest. They wear no armor and little clothing to make sure they lose little speed. They prefer to stay out of combat but if they are spotted use whatever is on hand.

Physical Description:

Rec Room / Outbreak: A Viral Containment Simulation [Ended in Nuclear Fire]
« on: December 30, 2015, 01:09:16 am »


Commander, I'm sure you're well aware of the current situation but in case you're not let me be brief. A viral outbreak unlike any we've ever seen has sprouted in a major metropolis. The Zero Patient had escaped containment and is considered extremely dangerous. The virus it carries has a quick incubation period and causes violent outbursts in the victim. They also appear to push the inflicted physical limitations allowing them to sprint toward their victims and can sustain injuries and continue to function well beyond normal human limitations.  Commander, it is up to you to contain this before this highly infectious vector is released to the population at large. We have it from WHO that a virus like this has the capability to cause more deaths than the Black Death and could lead to the end of civilization as we know it. We trust in your judgement and we're sure you're well aware that you should act quickly.  If this spreads, it could cause a panic and that would make our jobs that much harder.

Good luck, Commander.


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