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Re: Game Discussion
« Reply #30 on: April 27, 2015, 02:57:12 pm »
Doom is the first game I can remember playing. I was four.

Have you guys ever (im sure some of you prolly have) played UnReal World? I don't think Id be anywhere near where I am in terms of friends and taste in entertainment without that game. Without UnReal World, I wouldn't have sought out more game with some kind of crafting system, I wouldn't have found monster hunter freedom in the pawnshop where my mom worked, I wouldn't have seen the link to the Haven and Hearth wiki on the MH wiki and clicked it, would never have spent so much time with new friends in H&H, and those friends would never have shown me cataclysm.
never would have got into fallout, elder scrolls, minecraft, dwarf fortress, survival shows, metal working, and so much more. Vidya games can be great sometimes. UnReal World is great. MILK EXPLOIT FOR LIFE! literally. steal a wooden tub from a village, milk a milk bearing animal once a day, and survive on a tub of milk a day for he rest of your characters life.
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