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« on: March 12, 2015, 10:41:44 am »
The general forum rules apply here, so I'll post them here again just so people are clear on what isn't and is okay.
Should any board specific issues arise I'll add them into a board specific rule list, but I doubt I'll need to do so.

1: Don't be directly offensive to another forum member in an aggressive or hateful manner.
2: No directed racism, or comments that follow the actual definition of racism, such as being said in a hateful manner.
3: Don't spam, double posting is fine occasionally as long as there is a reason to do so.
4: Offensive, sexual, seizure inducing and questionable content should be placed behind a spoiler with an appropriate warning clearly written in the post. The official colour for content warnings is Yellow
5: No embedded images of porn, links are fine but the forum itself should remain porn free.
6: No links to webpages that you know aren't safe, or may be questionably safe.
7: Do not attempt to work around a ban, doing so will likely result in an even longer ban or permaban.
8: Do not link to Shock Sites without warning.
9: Do not speak of the Jacqueshammer

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