Author Topic: Succession DDA, the plannening  (Read 2414 times)

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Re: Succession DDA, the plannening
« on: September 28, 2016, 09:25:22 pm »
I think the type of pools should be up to the player but the amount of points should be default (6+0+2 for multipool, 8 for single pool, 12 trait limit).
Agreed. I think starting scenario should also be up to the player.
I have the lineup of mods in a slightly older version of cataclysm (experimental 5583) that I have set as default. We should probably agree on if any of these should be excluded from the game, or if others should be brought in to the line up. The list is:

Icecoon's weapons pack
More craftables
More survival tools
Medieval and historic content
Dinomod (doesn't seem to do anything anymore, might be marked for exclusion.)
PKs reimagining (makes moose more annoying, might be marked for exclusion.)
crazy cataclysm
Mining mod (Needs to be downloaded and installed by the player)
Animatronic monsters (adds the location, never see the monsters spawn though.)
More locations
Tall buildings (will cause a harmless error to appear.)
Vehicle additions pack
Tanks and other vehicles
simplified nutrition

Players, go over the list and see what's what. Discuss!
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