Author Topic: The Elder Thread [That one Elder Scrolls fan thread]  (Read 235 times)

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The Elder Thread [That one Elder Scrolls fan thread]
« on: April 29, 2015, 01:43:28 pm »
Alright as much as I hate to admit it, I am a huge fanboy when it comes to The Elder Scrolls, I mean I own the fucking anthology I think that says enough about my ass.

So besides me currently playing the "loner hunter" version of Skyrim something occured to me when I entered Riverwood. "I literally give no fucks about anyone here!" That one girl who lives in the market, whats her name? Cavilla Valium? Of course its not that, because Valium is a fucking drug and most likely not her name. Well she died and I only reloaded the save to keep her alive for one reason, "So that I get more gold by the end of it." Not because I liked her as a character or anything, but so I can get the monetary value out of some fetch quest.

And I think that's the main fault of Skyrim, the quests and NPCs are always going to be the most borings NPCs. I will admit that the mods for Skryim are better (better engine, can reintroduce new mechanics or old stats, prettier graphics), but the core of Skyrim is just so lifeless and dull, because its supposed to be lifeless and dull. Skyrim in the lore has always been described as a horrid place to live with terrible weather and climates, but it could make for a great setting if its used well.

Fallout 3 and New Vegas used the setting of a lifeless and dull wasteland greatly, because of great characters, sidequests that boiled down to "go to A, get X" but normally branched off into something more interesting and had loads of personality to them. In Skyrim the only two quests that had this format and did them well was one, The Sanguine (or however you spell it) quest where you wake up from a hangover wondering what the fuck just happened.

You wanna know what quest had the same format but didn't do it well? The Crimson Nirnroot hunt in Blackreach, THAT QUEST WAS SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS AND ALL I GOT WAS A THANK YOU AND A IOU SLIP BY THE FUCKING END OF IT!

So instead of me taking the p!ss out of Skyrim 24/7, howabout we just talk about all the games.

So in order to start the discussion off:

Who do you think is the best character in the series? (Don't say Sheogorath, I love him, fuck everyone loves him. We know hes the best in the series, but lets talk about some other great characters besides the MadGod himself.)

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Quill Weave, Lesbian Lizard Parkour Expert Author. those are all confirmed in game, she even goes to a different town sometimes and some things happen with a woman there. oblivion had more character than Skyrim, but the did Botch the setting pretty bad. in lore Cyrodiil was always this mystical land that was kinda like a mix of Rome and Japan. they messed that up but it had some really great quests and characters. Queen Barenziah is my second favorite though, just read her biographies. multiple series of them. especially the Daggerfall versions, how the hell did that slip past the ESRB?

Best quest in the Franchise? for my it was Whodunit in oblivion. and the hangover quest in skyrim was pretty good.
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I honestly can't think of any that stick out in any of the games because I found them particularly interesting or likable.  The vast majority of them were pretty much just vehicles for quests.  I dealt with them because I had to, not because I liked any of them.  This is one of the things that I feel that the Elder Scrolls series has been painfully lacking on. 

I guess Paarthurnax from Skyrim sticks out at least a little bit as a character in his own right. 
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I liked the Kaji- Kajeet- THE CAT DUDES The most because they were entertaining to me.
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M'aiq the liar. Is the best. Good ol, ageless M'aiq the liar who exists in morrowind, oblivion, and skyrim. Not a reborn character, the same character. The same immortal character wandering throughout the ages.

Regarding your opening argument ajwilli, I had heard the same argument given against morrowind and oblivion as well. That morrowinds NPC were all just lore billboards and oblivions NPC being little more than filler objects. I think skyrim NPC are all pretty bland though. Can't really tell them apart you know? the only characters that are really different visually are those directly tied to the main quest lines.

I always liked the books in elder scrolls games, A dance in fire being my personal favorite.

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