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Re: video game apathy
« on: March 16, 2016, 11:02:41 pm »
I find that when I'm in that mood it's best to shut my brain off and not think too much about what I'm playing, or I just go with something I know I'll like. It's good to own a few easy to pick and play arcade games, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, Bejeweled, Diner Dash, Tetris, or basically anything that costs less than $20.

I mean sometimes playing games that require you to think sucks.
I second Zaweri, I have massive Apathy when no one is online to play video games. If no one has the same games, it still helps to just chat with someone as you play. Makes it less lonely in my opinion. Also, its good to eventually accept that you are probably not going to have that much fun with a game after a long enough time of playing. Sad, but true.
When I think about it, that is also my issue as well. The people I usually play with have jobs now, and only become available sometimes on the weekends. Last night though, I managed to catch one of them online and we went on a 4 1/2 hour walk about in salem, looking for special events. We ended up finding the edge of the world, the ocean, a dead claim (a claim is land that belongs to another player and doing anything on it without permission hits you with a massive debuff and leaves behind "scents" the owner can use to track you down and brutalize you) with some fat fat loot, and 8 dead bears. (without skin) Ill never need bear meat again, and for a few hours, my apathy was gone.
Also, I found a temporary respite today. Instead of games, I closed my computer and went outside. What did I do outside? I'm too poor to buy wood chips for my smoker, so I grabbed a hatchet and started making wood chips out of some dead maple that fell in a windstorm last year. The wood is still good, and mostly dry. Hacked up a bunch of branches too and built a drying rack to dry all that out on. Once all that wood is dry, Ill proceed with the next step which is to break down the wood into small chunks. I feel physically tired, but mentally rewarded.
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