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Re: Catnips Odd Trip
« Reply #90 on: July 03, 2019, 04:15:59 pm »
"YEEHAW!" Cried the bandit as he made the jump from motorcycle to fuel truck before being picked off the side like a beetle struck by a stone. His body flipped over and dropped, not yet lifeless until the truck rolled over him and crushed what was left of it into oblivion. Another bandit made the jump from the back of a Jeep and managed to make it all the way to the cab before the Shattered Helm sniper managed to pluck him from the trucks hide.

"Shields up men!" Ordered the captain under a hail of returning fire coming from the fast approaching truck and it's unwanted convoy of harriers. The shields came up like a wall on either side of the road, bristling with the glinting barrels and scopes of shotguns and long rifles. When the order to fire was given, the wall of shields erupted into one of smoke, licking flames, and thunderous gunfire before the shield in front seemed to fold up and new shields took their place and yet another volley of lead and steel met the harassing bandits. Blood flew in a mist and motorcycles toppled. The pursuing Jeep swerved once towards the semi, then back and off the road to twist itself into a heap against a pair of old pines. A falling bandit squeezed the trigger of his gun, some automatic thing by the looks, and stitched a line up the side of the tanker releasing a spray of black onto the asphalt.

"Clear a path men, that tankers loaded with crude! Move! Move!" The captain shouted at the sight of the impending disaster.

"That ain't oil cap'!" One of his men shouted back, "Oil don't fuckin' scream when the sun hits it!" The black fluid ran in spurting screaming runnels down the side of the tanker. The Shattered Helm scattered to and fro, unexpectedly in a life or death battle with an entirely different but familiar for. The blob came on, shrieking and sprouting crusted claws and teeth only to be blown apart again. The captain caught sight of the trucks driver as the vehicle passed and locked eyes. What he saw was something not entirely human in those strange empty eyes.

"Retreat! Everyone fucking retreat! The shriekers will just sink back into the earth if you give em nothing to go after! Get that fucking truck and bring it to a-" he began. Then, the tanker split open. An infernal metal egg with a screaming still born. "Get the fuck out of here! Go! Go! Go!"
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