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[Company] The Vulture Collective
« on: February 22, 2017, 04:46:01 pm »
Company Name: Vulture Collective
Intent: Produce weapons and military technology
Location: Vulture Space station
Affiliation: Norenfal Military
Worth: Approximated at 2.5 billion(most military contracts are secret and total worth is unknown.)

Description & History: The Vulture collective was founded from the engineering group aboard Vulture Space Station getting bored, toying around with guns, and then sending some in for military trials. The weapons proved to be the most effective and popular and thus were requested for mass production. The military upon learning they were such a small team sent a group that converted several floors of the space station(to the chagrin of members of the station committe) and set them up for mass production.

The company originally produced weapons to pay off their debt but now sell many varieties commercially though still with a primarily military focus.

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