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[Company] Zeltox Technologies
« on: February 22, 2017, 04:52:03 pm »
Company Name: Zeltox Technologies
Intent: Produce a wide array of technologies for the Norenfal military
Location: Station 35
Affiliation: Norenfal Military
Worth: 5 billion

Description & History: Zeltox is the top technology company for the Norenfal military, producing everything from the minor bionic implants that the Norenfal have been able to produce to the mechs and tanks the military operate. The most advanced technology company of the Norenfal Zeltox was the dream project of several military personnel after their active service and taking inspiration from the military's weapons they decided to advance what was being used. The most advanced tech company of the Norenfal, most of what they produce is still restricted to the military market.

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