Author Topic: [Lore] Norenfal Rules of War  (Read 190 times)

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[Lore] Norenfal Rules of War
« on: February 22, 2017, 04:38:16 pm »
These are the articles of War, any individual found in violation of these rules will be subject to summary execution without trial after investigation.

1: Soldiers, indirect fire, and orbital weapons may not target civilians or areas with high civilian population.

2: Holy sites are not to be attacked or used for to garrison military personnel or armaments. Exception to attack: If the site is being used to house large quantities of material or personnel then indirect fire may be used in limited amounts ONLY if the request to leave said site has bee communicated and ignored. IF the request is accepted and acted up enemy infantry and material is allowed to be moved without recourse from the site.

3: Prisoners of war are to be treated fairly. No harassing, attacking, or provoking of POWs is tolerated, nor is abuse once they are at the camps used to house POWs. At these camps they will be subject to a thorough medical examination and any medical problems or symptoms determined during the examinations will be treated. POWs will be searched bi-weekly or during any event of concern which may arouse suspicion of POWs carrying contraband, use of searches to harass individual POWs or groups is subject to court martial. During Imprisonment POWs will be able to participate in workshops to aid in their re-assimilation to society after the war, and mental and physical health care will be provided.
(there are of course more, which will be written up later I imagine, but for now these are the big 3 that I could think of)

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