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Re: [Religion/Group] The Astorans
« on: January 22, 2017, 03:54:46 pm »
The Astorans have a right of passage simply called the initiation. This normally involves going with a group of Astorans that passed the initiation already and proving you are an honorable combatant and ally to fellow Astorans. This process takes upwards of a year with the longest recorded initiation taking 15 years, primarily due to the contract the group was under requiring they stay until the conclusion of the conflict.
This process is usually easier for those born into being an Astoran but it's a right of passage they must accomplish as well. For outsiders the initiation can be a tricky thing depending on the group you are going out with. Some may push or require more dangerous actions while others would treat you as any other member of their party. Even then outsiders are still judged more harshly by the council to determine if they have passed the initiation or need to go out again to continue the process.