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Ti Ridynx (Sub-Species)
« on: January 27, 2017, 03:50:18 am »

Name: Ti Ridynx (Shapeless Ones, Rastal Name) Kinebuay (Life, Native Name)
Designation: Sentient
Homeworld: Balya
Language: Rastali, Pagsulta
Average height of adults: Varies
Skin color: Varies
Hair color: Varies
Breathes: Varies


Highly adaptable, capable of biological adaptation to any situation over generations, highly advanced technology in certain fields


Short lifespan, highly specialized individual design does not always function outside of intended environment, no native tech whatsoever in some fields, such as FTL or weapons


Average Lifespan: 10 years (Shaper caste), 3 years (others)
Races: Ti Ridynx - member of the Rastal Collective
Estimated Population: Approximately 2 billion
Diet: Varies
Communication: Typically verbal, but non-verbal methods exist
Culture: The Ti Ridynx are utterly dedicated to the betterment of their species, and, for the last several centuries, the Rastal Collective as a whole. While their society previously embraced rather unique art forms based around creation of life, increasing specialization under Rastal rule has resulted in such pursuits being seen as a waste of time.

Technology level: Highly advanced bio-engineering and cloning tech. Several other well-developed fields exist, mostly based on biological implementation. No non-natural, native weapons technology, no native FTL, very little electronic technology.

General behavior: Varies depending on caste. With some notable, but very uncommon exceptions, the Ti Ridynx are known for a lack of aggression, and a general passivity. Though the species claim all members are sentient, there is some debate as to the truth of this statement, as many castes seem to operate more as drones than thinking individuals.


The Ti Ridynx are remarkable in several ways, on both an individual and racial level. Their culture is based around what has been deemed "co-operative evolution", with each generation containing new organisms highly specialized to filling deficiencies in the species' requirements, and being only vaguely identifiable as Ti Ridynx. While this specialization has been achieved via genetic design and modification since well before their association with the Rastal Collective, it is theorized that it began as a naturally high mutation rate - essentially the Ti Ridynx have always had a very high evolutionary rate, which, coupled with a comparatively short lifespan and the basic concept of Darwinism, meant that the majority of the living race would be a fairly optimized design for whatever conditions it was currently experiencing. Though the Ridynx seem to have been completely unconcerned with developing technologies intergral to the survival and prosperity of other races, they appear to have realized the potential of having some ability to direct and control their rapid evolution, and as of such, managed to make several incredibly efficient advances in genetic modification. This allowed further specialization of the species, which resulted in several distinct "castes" developing, as well as allowing the majority of the race to engage in "non-essential" evolutionary paths geared towards cultural developments such as governance, arts, and philosophy. Though it had always been an unstated side effect of their biological makeup, this in turn caused the Ridynx to purposefully work towards achieving perfect racial unity, with each member of the species having a purposeful function, and working towards the betterment of the Ridynx as a whole.

This philosophy caused a fairly atypical reaction to their initial encounter with the Rastal. Though the Rastal do typically offer newly encountered races an opportunity to join the Collective of their own volition, it is very rare that this actually occurs without the use of force. The Ridynx are a very notable exception to this - rather than resisting the Rastal ideals of the Greater Good, they considered it nearly identical to their own philosophies, and saw the improvement of the lives of a vast number of lifeforms beyond their own race as both an exciting challenge and a way to further themselves that would not be possible were they to remain in isolation. Accordingly, the Ridynx became nearly fanatical members of the Collective almost overnight, giving themselves fully to the Greater Good and contributing whatever they could to accomplishing it's noble goals.* Accordingly, they are afforded both a greater deal of autonomy, and a higher social status than most other "member" species of the Rastal Collective.

Since their entrance into the Rastal empire several centuries ago, there have been some notable changes to their culture and evolutionary paths. Of these, the most significant to the Ridynx themselves is a loss of ability to pursue cultural developments - because they are but a small gear in the massive Rastal machine, there is simply no time for them to engage in anything beyond continual practical genetic advancement. No matter how many Ridynx are born geared towards spacial mining, there are always more resources that need extraction. No matter how agricultural workers are contributed, there are always more farms. No matter how many soldiers are produced, there are always more wars. The Ridynx themselves seem unconcerned with this, as the things they accomplish for the betterment of all are much more valuable than non-essential accomplishments they would otherwise make for just themselves.

The other major change is no less significant, but very different. At one point in time, the Rastal had dedicated vast amounts of resources towards developing viable cloning technology. Though this was something of a failure, with the resulting clones experiencing seemingly unsolvable issues with genetic instability, the technologies involved did have several uses beyond population growth, and were maintained and developed at a far lesser pace in anticipation of some breakthrough that would render them viable. Though this has yet to occure in terms of cloning Rastal or other species, the inherient stability of the base DNA of the Ridynx that allows them to viably mutate at such a high rate seemed to have no issues coping with the faults of the technology. While the introduction of this reproduction method did little to accelerate the reproductive rate of the species and is arguably less efficient, the Ridynx already having a very short larvael gestation an maturation rate, it did allow for them to produce new generations on demand, rather than waiting for the natural reproductive cycle to occure. As of such, the vast majority of the species is now produced artificially rather than naturally.

The Ridynx as individuals generally differ enough that it can be difficult to identify them as a single species without genetic analysis. That said, they all share vaguely insectoid features, and educated observes can generally place them into one of several castes based on their design. Loosely, these castes are defined as:

Agricultural Caste - These designs tend to be relatively small, but sturdy, and are designed to require minimum caloric intake, and act in a variety of roles related to food production for the Collective. These roles can include everything from pollination of crops, to terraforming, to acting as a food source for other castes. The implications of the latter are somewhat dark, and something of a taboo topic among the Rastal themselves, but it should be noted that the behavior of the Agricultural caste is more akin to that of trained non-sentient life. It is a controversial topic. They are generally not capable of verbal communication.

Worker Caste - This caste is easily the most numerous, encompassing everything from large designs oriented towards construction tasks, to designs capable of surviving in a vacuum and oriented towards mineral extraction on asteroids. As with the Agricultural caste, the Workers display somewhat drone-like behavior. They are generally not capable of verbal communication.

Warrior Caste - The Warrior caste serves an obvious role. While the Ridynx are, in theory, capable of creating relatively humanoid designs capable of using conventional weapons, the Warriors tend to eschew this in favor of massive designs, multi-limbed and covered in thick chitin and natural weaponry. While many designs are truly terrifying, simple logistical issues, typically related to providing sufficient caloric supplements to meet their incredible metabolism, means that the Warriors are typically relegated to defensive duty on Bayla, rather than active combat operations. Besides defending their home world, they are also present on other key Rastal worlds such as Kallisti and in the Creed system. They are usually capable of verbal communication, and display fairly average intelligence for a sentient being.

Shaper Caste - The Shapers act as the leadership of the Ridynx, actively directing their evolution and acting as the voice for the entire species. They are typically somewhat humanoid in design, in order to better interact with other members of the Collective, and display high levels of intelligence. Of note in their makeup is an apparently vestigal semi-telepathic ability - while the Shapers are aware of this ability in the form of "premonitions", it would appear it is generally uncontrollable or non-functioning, and is perhaps a remenant of a much earlier period in their evolution, during which it may have contributed to the evolutionary path of the species. They are easily the least numerous caste.

*At least, this is the official account of events. It is worth noting that there is evidence that not all Ti Ridynx agreed with assimilation - an abnormally high number of Warrior caste Ridnyx seem to have been generated at this time, though no conflict ever occurred. Beyond this, the individual intelligence of certain castes seems to have dropped significantly since joining the Collective.

Notable Player-Characters:

Intent: To better themselves and serve the Greater Good
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Re: Ti Ridynx (Sub-Species)
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