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AR15A8 (Ardite Industries Product)
« on: January 31, 2017, 02:57:01 am »

Intent: Standard Infantry Rifle

Manufacturer: Ardite Industries
Model: AR15A8

Modularity: Rail system allows for a multitude of attachments. Calibre conversions are simple via replacement upper recievers, but are not often used in military service. Similarly, all the weapon's furniture is easily replaceable, but doing so is frowned upon by military leadership.

Production: Simple mass production via multiple means

Material: Simply alloys and polymers.
Classification: Assault weapon.
Length: 37.5 inches
Weight: 6.7 lbs unloaded
Ammunition Type: 5.56x45mm UTAF
Ammunition Capacity: 5-110 rounds (20 and 110 round magazines displayed)
Range: 500 yards effective
Market price: 150 GSC


"Lasers are the weapons of the future" according to Ardite Industries, but "if it's worked for the last 100 years, it will work for the next 100" is a maxim that applies to a multitude of things.

Weapons are no exception. At the end of the day, if you want to kill someone, the most effective way to do so is to poke a hole in them. From sharp sticks to swords, arrows to bullets, all weapons subscribe to this simple truth - you poke a hole, and things generally go poorly for whoever you've poked it into. No matter how fancy you want to get about it, this is what weapons do.

At this point in time, the venerable AR-15 has been around for nearly 100 years. Much like sharp sticks, it's no longer considered the forefront of weapons technology, and is beginning to show it's age - modern armours can easily defeat it without a thought, it doesn't shoot lightning bolts or searing plasma, and it doesn't strike terror in to the hearts of those who face it on the battlefield. But also like the sharp stick, it is cheap, effective within it's limits, and can be found just about anywhere humans can be found. It just keeps poking away, and as the other saying goes, 3 million dead humans can't be wrong.

The current AR-15 is actually a direct descendant of the M16 used by the former United States. After the Unity War, Ardite Industries acquired the majority of weapons manufacturers on Terra, and accordingly, all of the facilities producing the M16. Renamed the Ardite Rifle Model 15, the rifle remained in service for several years until it was phased out in UTAF usage by the SIR. Though not often seen in the hands of government forces on active combat duty, it does still see use with second line troops, and is the weapon of choice for thousands of militias, private militaries, "freedom fighters", and other less reputable organizations throughout Terran space, and often the rest of the galaxy. At a fraction of the cost of the million dollar SIR, and even cheaper than the ubiquitous R-50, it is a simple, practical choice.

The actual weapon is a simple fully automatic, direct impingement operated rifle. It features a semi-automatic fire mode as well, and is generally reliable and acceptably accurate. It has excellent modularity, and the current A8 version ships from the factory with a red dot optic, a laser/flashlight attachment, and several other accessories. Advances in metallurgy and plastics have shaved several ounces off the weapon's weight.

((Lork said we were welcome to come up with some more Ardite products. I notice they lack a basic ballistic rifle, and that the SIR is literally a million dollars. So here's the other end of the spectrum - a somewhat obsolete AR that is uber cheap and super common. I used an AR instead of an AK because it's a much better platform. This uses slightly buffed IRL stats and is pretty straightforward.))
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Gone. Cheers guys.

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Re: AR15A8 (Ardite Industries Product)
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2017, 09:18:20 am »
Indeed, people are free to improve upon the UTE and Ardite.

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Re: AR15A8 (Ardite Industries Product)
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