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Re: Hydralisk
« on: February 11, 2017, 07:23:15 pm »
Okay, I'm not gonna approve this as is. I have my reasons and they'll be below.

1) these have to be NPC only for me to ever allow mind control of any form. I am not giving that to players because I know someone would eventually be malicious with it and I'm not going to allow that.

2) there are ways to counter both the mind control and mind reading.

3)  I'm going to elaborate a bit on number one. I know that once we start getting people in someone will invariably decide to try and screw someone over. Whether it be mind reading their plans or whatever, or trying to mind control them once they remove whatever protects the character from mind control. I'm not going to allow a single player to ruin something for a group, or even just one other player because everyone deserves to have fun and not have someone screw them over for no reason.