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Re: Hydralisk
« on: February 11, 2017, 09:48:25 pm »
I'd maybe suggest coming up with a definitive range for the mind reading powers, and one for the control powers. IMO the reading range would be shorter than the controlling range, perhaps requiring line of sight.

As mentioned in the IRC, the math regarding that many Hydralisk controlling that many people is a bit of a problem too. Not going to bother to run through that again, but it's trouble. I'd suggest maybe cutting the number of Hydralisk down to under 100,000, maybe even into the actual thousands, but letting them control more people individually. This still makes them an interesting, behind the scenes threat while not making it so they can take over just about any race in the UMEU with room to spare. The possibility to take over a whole planet or whatever is still there, but it's because two or three of them have mind controlled a couple hundred key people rather than because a bunch of them have literally mind controlled everyone, Maybe also plays a little more into the rivalry they have with eachother. Think Chaos cults in 40k, if you're a warhammer guy.

Those kind of numbers make the implications of them existing on day to day life a little less scary, as well, which means that rather than mass producing tinfoil hats to stop them, other races would instead produce unobtanium hats, which are common enough to be used by PCs and important people, but not so common that everyone has them and the race becomes useless.

Assuming such hats exist, I'm not too worried about them also being a PC race. A GM can simply say that the big bad and his goons have fancy hats, PCs who are worried about the Hydralisk PC can bring hats, and in the end, the GM can just say "Sorry, Hydralisk PCs don't fit in this particular game."

I'm still forming some other thoughts on this, but there's some input for now.
Gone. Cheers guys.