Author Topic: Proxisnyk System Denial Weapon (WIP Brought you by the friendly folks at CDI)  (Read 103 times)

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"Ya prynoshu xohonʹ i xitir

Ya prynoshu lyutʹ i timryaxu

Ya piridxisnykom kintsya khasu, i ni zalyshytʹ xas nichoho, krim doshkhiv xidkhayu."

"I bring the fire and the wind.

I bring the fury and the darkness.

I am the (no direct translation available - close approximation is "Harbinger", Rastali "proxisnyk") of the End of Time, and will leave you nothing but the rains of despair."

- Excerpt from Rastali "End Times" myth.

((Bear with me on this one.))
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Gone. Cheers guys.

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