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Sebastian Drake (Terran PC)
« on: February 12, 2017, 05:02:54 pm »
NAME: Sebastian Drake
RANK: Chief Medical Officer
AGE: 31
WEIGHT: 130 lbs
EYES: Grey
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Caucasian


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Detail-oriented- Sebastian is talented at spotting details and noticing small differences in items. This allows him to better diagnose his patients with less chance of error.

Willful- Sebastian never surrenders, no matter how dire the circumstances, and he takes a similar stance when dealing with his patients. Even if there is a terminal diagnosis, and no known cure, he isn't one to stop trying to help.

Radical- Of course, never surrendering, even when there aren't any known cures means that he will try to mad scientist his problems away. The contraptions and medical paraphernalia that have been created in his presence have occasionally broken laws and gotten him into a fair amount of trouble. Thankfully, it's harder to monitor such things when dealing with doctors on a galactic scale, and the government typically has worse people to look at.

Frightened- Sebastian is incredibly intelligent, and has grown to know essentially all he can about the medical system and several other fields of knowledge. So, when something doesn't fit into his fields of knowledge, something inexplicable, then he panics. Badly.

5'8 Caucasian Male, Grey and intelligent eyes which constantly size up the situation around him, and well-groomed black hair. His uniform is either excessively clean, or covered in unidentifiable substances originating from his many surgeries. He wears a pair of medical gloves... even when outside of work.
Sebastian was born upon Terra just as they began to work towards the stars, and to make a name for themselves amidst the alien races of the galaxy. He felt an incredible desire to one day soar above the clouds, into the infinite void beyond, and that same curiosity pushed him to study his hardest to become someone important. He quickly became a prominent surgeon and doctor, and became renowned for his never-give-up attitude towards some of the hardiest diseases around.

He is also well known for having identified several carcinogens through his experiments, and thereby assisting in the limiting of cancer among the human population in general.

Of course, the other half of his reputation involves the one time when he tried to surgically implant a jury-rigged artificial organ into a terminal patient which only intensified their bodily failure, and ultimately led to them dying a far earlier death than they would have if they had simply stayed home.

Oh well, accidents happen.

The Hippocratic Oath would never permit such terrible malice!

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Re: Sebastian Drake
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Approved. We're probably stealing this template too.
Gone. Cheers guys.


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Re: Sebastian Drake
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more effort than our characters