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Submission and GM Rules
« on: December 11, 2016, 06:49:59 am »
Submission Rules:
1. Ensure your idea is not too overpowered or meta
2. Respect the decision of the GMs, if they wont approve your idea then it still needs work or just isn't a good idea
3. Properly tag your posts after posting them, go back and modify the post to change the title, adding in tags between [brackets]
4. Things referenced in a submission, such as the homeworld of a species or the solar system a planet is in must also have their own page to be referenced to, a Solar System submission can have its planets in a comment directly under the post rather than each requring an individual post.
5. Adding new products to a Corporation catalogue requires the product to be approved by at least one GM, even if the Corporation has already been approved.

GM Rules:
1. You cannot approve your own submissions
2. Be polite and constructive about criticism, you're trying to help the poster refine their idea into the best it can be
3. Don't refuse to approve an idea just because you personally don't like it, try to be as objective about an idea as you can be
4. Leave a comment stating Approved to ensure it's clear when or if you have approved something to be entered into cannon
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