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Re: The Galactic Stock Exchange (IC Lore)
« on: January 23, 2017, 05:20:18 am »
So, I haven't finished the GSC/Kah-Lah thing yet, but thought this would be neat.

If you want your race listed on the Galactic Stock Exchange, just tell me what your money is called. I'm assigning values based on a number of factors, such as tech, standard of living, etc. etc. Not really much effect in terms of RP unless you want it to have some effect, since I doubt we'll have much for economic RP.

Same deal with corporations. If you want yours listed, then just let me know, and I'll assign some values. Human corps only please, unless your corp has an obvious, solid connection to humanity and a reason why terrans would be investing (assuming the UTE allows this, which Lork will have to confirm).

The OP will be updated after major RP events. Your corp lose a ton of manpower or resources? Your stocks go down. Win a war and take a planet? Your currency value goes up.

I have a few calculation systems, but that's not too important. If you want to be listed for immersion's sake, you give me permission to assign what numbers I feel are accurate without getting things re-approved. If something seems wayy off, let me know, and I'll see what we can work out.

It might seem a little unituitive, but the lower your X-1 ratio is, the better. I realized after the fact that this is not a standard way to show comparisons in most places. In case whatever text is current doesn't make it clear, what is being shown is how many "dollars" of your currency equal 1 GSC. So, if the United Terran Dollar is 10-1, it means $10 UTD equals 1 GSC.

As is likely detailed elsewhere, actual Galactic Standard Credits aren't tangible things. They can be transferred electronically, usually via the services of the Lah who act as a central bank, or races can trade with their own currencies based on the values assigned by the Lah, which is really all the ticker is displaying.
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