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Re: The Galactic Stock Exchange (IC Lore)
« on: January 23, 2017, 06:43:21 am »
Updated with Ardite Industries (ARD). SUPER WALMART gets a good valuation IMO. It's still somewhat low, since depending on how you count to a trillion (there's a bunch of ways to do this, apparently, but I used a million billions), the 20,230 valuation means there are 44488383589 shares available. I'm gonna roll with it anyway and say we shouldn't think hard about the implied things this says about the Terran economy, rampant inflation, etc etc. For some reference though, IRL the valuation at 900 trillion, ignoring that this is just liquid assests, is probably much larger than a big chunk  of the calculated output of the galactic economy as a whole (yes, people who aren't me have done some very hypothetical math on this). If you count to a trillion as a billion billions, it's even higher, and likely exceeds all wealth theoretically created anywhere ever. If you use the common US system, and count to one thousand billions (or a million millions), suddenly Ardite only exceeds the global economy by a factor of 15.

To give a slightly different example of how big a trillion really is (or can get), a mere 6 trillion seconds is just about as long as modern humans have existed. if you made a dollar every second, it would take about 189,000 years to hit a trillion bucks.

What this all boils down to is that hell is a very real place for accountants, and it's called Ardite Industries.

On the flip side of this, if the Rastals took over Ardite industries and re-distributed their wealth like a bunch of space commie bastards, each Rastal would find them selves a whopping (and brace yourself for this) $60 richer, just enough for a quarter bag of weed. 

Do the same thing with humanity, and you end up with $450 per person - just about enough for everyone on earth to be able to buy this 1997 Toyota Tercel including taxes, which has just under 450,000 KM on it, and comes with new spark plugs and two spare rims. Having driven one of these with just about as many clicks on it, I can tell you that's a great way to spend your newly redistributed commie handout. You might also have enough for a pretty cool used dirtbike, but that guy Mike doesn't want to budge from his $550 asking price and PLAINLY DOESN'T UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF OBO.

This, my friends, is why socialism and the whole "let's make the rich ceos distribute their money to the minimum wage employees" thing doesn't work.

More info for info's sake than really important (obviously), and I'm 5 in the morning tired and maybe screwed up the math anyway.

Also updated the OOC post (first following the OP) to explain a little furthur on how Galactic Standard Credits work. No one seems to have an issue with where I'm going with them with the whole Kah-Lah thing, but I will happily change this if someone submits a better way for them to work/I don't finish the Kah-Lah.
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