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Cartridge: 84mm rocket

Intent: Provide a variety of solutions to a wide range of combat situations

Basic Description:

The 84mm rocket is designed to be fired from the AT-44 rocket launcher. Most rockets designed for it weigh ten pounds, and are designed to travel up to 2000 yards. Collapsible fins assist in stabilising the rocket and allow an acceptable degree of accuracy.


High Explosive Anti Tank Mark 35
Velocity: 800 FPS
Penetration: 700mm of RHA equivalent at 90 degrees
Unit Cost: 2,000 GSC


The latest version of the 84mm HEAT rocket updates the basic design to use advanced alloys in the construction of the charge liner, greatly increasing penetrative capabilities. A triple stage warhead allows it to defeat most reactive armour systems. Besides this, it remains a fairly simple weapon which relies on the tried and true Monroe effect to destroy or incapacitate enemy armoured targets.

High Explosive General Purpose Mark 6
Velocity: 730 FPS
Penetration: 150mm RHA equivalent
Unit Cost: 1,800 GSC


The HEGP round exchanges it's HEAT warhead for nearly ten pounds of explosive filler, generating a detonation capable of penetrating light armour, and causing significant damage to light fortifications. A semi-frangible case further increases effectiveness against soft targets such as infantry. Minimum arming distance is 40 yards.

High Explosive General Purpose Mark 8

Velocity: 730F FPS
Penetration: 150mm RHA equivalent
Unit Cost: 2,200 GSC


The HEGP Mark 8 includes a programmable detonator giving the weapon airburst capabilities, as well as the potential to act as a delay fuse. The Mark 8 is relatively new, and though current production outstripes the Mark 7 version, it has not seen wide issue amongst all Rastal forces.

High Explosive Shock Mark 4

Velocity: 820F FPS
Penetration: 1200mm RHA equivalent
Unit Cost: 1,600 GSC


The HES Mk. 4 is designed as an anti-fortification weapon. The standard explosive filler is replaced with an adhesive, plastic-based explosive. On contact with a target, the warhead flattens out and adheres to the surface before detonating, causing massive structural damage to hardened defences, and causing a highly lethal spalling effect as the internal surface of the target separates and ricochets around the inside of the structure.

While the HES has excellent on-paper penetrative capabilities on armoured vehicles, the addition of a simple spall liner completely defeats the damaging effects, and it is not generally used in this capacity. It is worth noting that it has still served well in this capacity against a statistically significant number of races, particularly advanced species which almost universally employ only energy weapons. It is theorised that, as most armour is designed to defeat the best the designer has to offer rather than everything the opposition may present, many of them simply did not face these sorts of weapons previous to encountering the Rastal.

After-action summaries report that the HES is brutally effective against light machines, such as slow, low-flying ground support aircraft such as helicopters.

Thermal Illumination Mark 12

Velocity: 820F FPS
Penetration: N/A
Unit Cost: 1,900 GSC


The TI Mk. 12 rocket is a simple utility projectile designed to assist in visual range combat during periods of darkness. It uses a simple combustible filler which burns at a high temperature for an extended period of time, providing acceptable light in 800 yard radius. Generally, the weapon will be fired at a high angle, after which a descent slowing parachute will deploy to increase useful burn time. When fired at a low angle, below the required triggering altitude, the parachute does not activate. When needed, the TI also acts as an effective incendiary device, capable of igniting most flammable objects.

Though the TI Mk.12 makes for a visually impressive and reasonably effective direct fire anti-personnel weapon, this is strictly forbidden by Rastal military directives as it represents the peak of inefficiency.

Cartridge: 84x455mm Caseless

Intent: Provide additional capabilities against close range, lightly armoured targets.

Bullet: Approximately 150 9mm 105 grain alloy balls
Propellant: Low explosive cartridge base
Velocity And Energy: Approx. 1400 FPS for 480 ft-lbs
Unit Cost: 3,300 GSC


The 84x455mm Caseless cartridge is designed to be used in the AT-44M rocket launcher, particularly in a defensive capacity, effectively turning it into a large shotgun. Though described as a caseless round, the cartridge does leave behind a large baseplate, used to limit the amount of gas escaping the rear of the weapon. This has a significant drawback in that it increases the recoil force of the weapon from negligible to "significant", and is considered very unpleasant to fire. Due to the design of the base plate, and the increased pressure placed on the launcher, firing the 84x455 from older, pre-M versions of the AT-44 has been reported to cause catastrophic failures in the weapon's integrity.

The projectiles fired by the weapon are fairly equivalent to most traditional shotgun cartridges and small calibre pistols, and can usually be defeated by basic body armour at all but absolute point blank ranges. However, the number of projectiles fired greatly increases the chances of hitting a non-protected area, and are devastating against unarmoured targets up to 150 yards. The 84x455mm does not see widespread issue during strictly offensive operations as it is deemed inefficient relative to conventional small arms.

Intent: To provide reliable anti-armour capability, and an infantry-portable anti-fortification weapon

Manufacturer: Creed Defence Industries
Model: AT-44M

Modularity: Not required for intended purpose

Production: Simple mass production via multiple means

Material: Typically basic alloys
Classification: Unguided shoulder fired rocket
Length: 52 Inches.
Weight: 7 pounds (unloaded launcher)
Ammunition Type: 84mm rockets
Ammunition Capacity: Single shot, re-usable
Range: Depending on ammunition type, up to 1500 yards. Against typically sized enemy armour, chance to hit drops below 50% after roughly 500 yards.
Market price: 1,000 GSC


The AT-44M is the latest evolution of the AT series of anti-tank rocket launchers. At 180 years of active service, the AT-44 is the longest issued man-portable weapon currently in Rastal use, though M model launcher, and the current generation of rockets available are far more advanced than those fired by the earliest examples and it's predecessors.

The design is very simple, having been updated only to interact with more modern ammunition. The weapon is mounted on top of the shoulder and aimed using basic iron sights preset for 25 to 800 yards. The sights act as the safety/arming mechanism for the weapon - the weapon is armed by folding and locking the sights into the up position. Once armed, the AT-44 is fired by depressing the trigger stud, which causes an electrical current to activate the rocket's booster.

As with most shoulder fired rockets, it is important to ensure a clear area behind the user to avoid unintentional damage or injury from the resulting backblast. The M model has been upgraded with a dissipation device that lowers the required distance from obstructions to two and a half feet, which is seen as a great improvement over the four feet required by the L and earlier models. After firing, the weapon can be reloaded via unlatching the rear section and inserting the rocket of the user's choice. This can be accomplished by a single operator, but Rastal doctrine recommends using the AT-44M in two person teams to speed and simplify the process.

The AT-44 series is incredibly popular amongst Rastal troops for it's simplicity, durability, and versatility. It has been documented as being pressed into service as everything from a crude cooking device, to an improvised explosive trap, to a surprisingly effective makeshift mortar.

((It's an old, but well designed rocket launcher. For some perspective, the HEAT ammo could likely knock out any current MBT without a ton of trouble, but as with all rockets, it's interceptable by active defenses and would likely see a lower success rate against the next generation of tanks.))
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Date: 08/29/██

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