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London Class Frigate (Titan Shipyards Product)
« on: February 01, 2017, 02:31:04 pm »

Intent: Fast attack ship, escort and patrol duties

Name/Class: London Class Frigate
Affiliation: United Terran Armed Forces
Estimated Number In Service: >250

Crew Compliment: Min - 150, Optimal - 225, Max - 375

Other Passengers: 50 troops max

Length: 198 meters
Width: 46 meters

FTL Capable: Yes
FTL Drive: Trans-Newtonian Element Based
Drive Type: Fusion-Ion
Speed: Extremely Fast, Extremely Manueverable
Range: 13 Light years


10x 600kv-25kw M99 lasers, frontal mount
6x 600kv-25kw M99 lasers, ventral mount
6x SMS17 anti-ship missile launchers, side turret mount


35x anti-fighter missile turrets

Armour (Front/Side/Rear): 6m/2m/2m
Shields: None
Special Equipment: Long distance scanners

Cost: 180 billion GSC


The London is one of the lastest designs to enter into service with the UTAF. Designed to be a fast, nimble ship capable of engaging enemy ships in it's class, it favours speed and consistent weapons systems over armour and raw firepower.

The weapons themselves are the latest generation of laser-based equipment, and are relatively efficient in their power usage. Rated at 600kv-25kw, they are capable of bypassing most shield technology, and burning through 6 meters of steel in under a second. Complimenting this are six relatively aged SMS17 anti-ship missile launchers, giving the London class a reasonable chance of engaging captial ships with poor point defense or thin armour.

Of particular note are the ship's immensely powerful engines. Designed originally for use on UTAF cruisers, the propulsion system allows the much smaller London-class to achieve speeds almost unmatched by any other ship of it's size. Though the London's range is somewhat limited compared to many other vessels, it is more than capable of patrolling a region slightly larger than Terran controlled space.

Point defense is provided by a series of anti-fighter missile turrets, capable of engaging anything from ordnance to small ships, much like other methods of point defense.

Much like many Terran vessels, the onboard crew quarters could be considered rather luxurious by the standards of other galactic navies, though they are somewhat unremarkable by human standards. Recreation and sustenance are supplied by a variety of means, and are considered to be high quality.

Powering these systems are 2 high efficiency cold fusion plants, which are simply scaled down versions of those found in larger ships. The provide more than enough power to the ship's systems and allow firing of the laser armament as rapidly as the capacitors can be charged. In the event of the failure of one of the reactors, the control system is designed to allow for easy power allocation between all of the ship's systems, allowing it to potentially remain in the fight, albeit at reduced capacity.

The London's most obvious weakness is it's very thin armour - frontally, it is not capable of withstanding most of the weapons it will likely meet. In addition, it's weapons are generally seen as insufficient against most enemy frontal armour. This is seen as an necessary evil by the designers, as it is designed partially to counter the massively armed Rastal Reaper-class of frigates. Combat tactics based around the London-class call for fast, careful maneuvering followed by rapid laser barrages to the enemy's side and rear armour.

Famous Ships In Class:
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Re: London Class Frigate (Titan Shipyards Product)
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Re: London Class Frigate (Titan Shipyards Product)
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