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The Hellerites (NPC/PC Species)
« on: December 10, 2016, 05:14:00 am »
Name: Hellerites
Designation: Sentient bipedal
Homeworld: Sentinel system
Language: Hellerite in every day use, an approximation of galactic basic in ceremonial use, though it is generally a meaningless collection of words and syllables rather than a true language.
Average height of adults: 6"8
Skin color: Varies
Hair color: Varies
Breathes: Air-like atmospheres


The strength of dogmatic convictions, physically large, generally a brave, noble society.


Complete lack of understanding of technology, their own or that of others.


Physically, the Hellerites vaguely resemble exceptionally large, bipedal non-feathered Terran avians, but testing reveals that they likely descended from the Sentinel system's equivalent of a large amphibian or warm-blooded reptile.

Average Lifespan: 45 years (Terran Standard)

Races: Both planets consist of genetically similar inhabitants, with slight variations due to thousands of years of seperation. Most tangible differences are found in cultural traditions and social structure.

Estimated Population: No census has been completed, but it is likely there are at least 5-15 million members of the species currently alive.

Diet: Omnivorous.

Communication: Verbal. Examples of written language exist, but it appears that current usage is ceremonial, and that the writing is not actually understood by any encountered members of this species.

Culture: What cultural norms were in place before first contact with humanity are something of a mystery, simply because of the profound changes this contact had on Hellerite society. It is supposed that they likely practised some form of ancestor worship, venerating barely recognisable remnants of past technologies and otherwise living a relatively nomadic tribal lifestyle.

However, whether or  not this was the case is fairly irrelevant. While humanity's explorations onto the planets were initially met with guarded hostility, mankind's use of no more than the standard devices found amongst interstellar travellers in the Hellerite's presence caused a massive shift in attitude. Sensing this change, the first visitors to the planet began to perform social experiments on the Hellerites, and it quickly became apparent that the species had begun to regard them as some form of demi-god. To the explorers of Oros, this soon became a simple, irrelevant fact of life, and the locals were generally ignored while the expedition went about assessing the planet's mineral wealth. On Neros, however, some of the Terrans present sought to capitalise on this discovery, happily assuming the role of deity.

Both courses of action were, in the end, disastrous to Hellerite society. The residents of Oros seemed to completely disregard their previous traditions, instead choosing to emulate the humans, typically in ways a civilised being would recognise as absurd. Seeing a Terran use a computer to communicate with another location, for example, would often result in the observing Hellerite attempting to craft his own system with primitive materials such as wood and stone. Watching the expeditionary settlements receive orbital drops would cause previously warring tribes to band together to create exact replicas of a landing site, and follow the standard proceedures for a supply drop almost religiously, speaking into home crafted "communicators" and preparing for unloading, as though it were a summoning ritual which they believed would also bring them great wealth. As little of exploitable value was found on the planet, the expedition eventually departed, but the Hellerite imitations have persisted to this day. Most recent reports indicate they have extrapolated on this, constructing whole towns in crude approximations of the expedition camps, and repeating their new "rituals" regularly.

The residents of Neos eventually had a different reaction to the outsiders. Though still apparently considering them to be god-like, the cruelty of many of the expedition members eventually caused a paradigm shift amongst the Hellerite there, causing a massive uprising of the locals against their new gods. Several expedition members, and many Hellerites died over the course of several weeks, before the Terrans decided there was simply nothing of worth on the planet. After their departure, the residents of Neos reverted to an utterly hostile reaction to any further contact attempts, though their new society seems geared towards imitating the military doctrines of the Terrans rather than the technological, and most observers report massive mock wars being constantly fought with sticks and hides standing in for weapons and uniforms. This too seems to have some religious connotation for the Hellerites, as they are certainly capable of producing primitive weapons with which to actually harm eachother, but the implication seems to be that keeping up these "war games" will discourage the gods from returning, rather than bringing them back.

While it would seem unlikely that the residents of both planets could undergo global social transformations, with long distance communication being so limited, the previously migratory nature of the Hellerite has caused this phenomena to spread rapidly. For whatever reason, the Hellerite seem to have no issue embracing this copycat logic as a species, and so even those who have never encountered humanity first hand appear to follow the new cultural norm, though they are really imitating the imitators.

Technology level: At on point, it would appear as though the Hellerites had technology roughly equivalent to that of humanity's current level. At present, though they may try to replicate this level of advancement in a ceremonial, cosmetic fashion, they seem unable to grasp why their devices do not function or, possibly, even realize this is the case, and accordingly are stuck at a roughly agricultural level of tech.

The singular area in which they display an aptitude above their general level of knowledge is in astronomy. While it can be logically extrapolated that they may not understand the true nature of celestial bodies, both societies keep surprisingly accurate calendars and star charts, and appear to keenly observe any changes in the sky, such as those caused by passing ships.

General behaviour:

See culture section for the most notable behaviours.


Little is known of their past history, as most researchers with genuine curiosity into their past way of life are equally concerned with further damaging the present, and those who would typically be motivated by profit have long realised there is none to be made here.

Once capable of travelling the stars, some unpleasant event caused the Hellerites to revert to a semi-tribal state long ago. While the occasional ruin of a city or technological marvel dots the landscape of their twin ocean worlds of Oros and Neros, they have long since forgotten what these things are, and appear to look opon them as holy relics left by the Gods rather than devices created by their own species in the distant past.

Though few concrete indicators as to what caused this event have been found, archaeological evidence, and genetic damage present in both population samples, would seem to indicate it is the result of a biological weapon used in a civil war eons past.

Notable Player-Characters:

Intent: To summon the gods, or keep them away.
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Gone. Cheers guys.

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Re: The Hellerites
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I actually quite like this idea, an almost representation of how technology may have fucked an entire species back into the stone age

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Re: The Hellerites
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2016, 01:14:09 pm »
I don't actually really have anything in mind for them in an RP sense. Just thought the universe needed a cargo cult.
Gone. Cheers guys.


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Re: The Hellerites (NPC/PC Species)
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2016, 01:17:44 am »
Eegah has been APPROVED
Area Record 1782:
Date: 08/29/██

Event: An elderly human feeding itself to a group of kakapo. Did not express pain, appeared ambivalent.