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Re: 1948: The New Order
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Heinrich, Kat, and Erica

As the three of you jumped out of the van the man started back pedaling before turning and sprinting down the road. "Why wouldn't we save the man who sold us some very valuable information, after all right now you've not really got any choice but to work with us." The man shouted over the gunfire.

To the left of you you could see a number of German soldiers firing into the buildings and road that you needed to run down. Down the road you could see a number of resistance members returning fire as one motioned for you to hurry. Rushing down the road with the man he led you into an alley and down a hidden entrance to the sewers while the others followed quickly behind. The man shook his head as he lead you through the sewers "Sorry about the smell but this is a better way than just rushing through the damn roads. Quite frankly we'd have lost more men then you'd be worth doing that."

One of the others shook his head and said "Oh will you shut up ya damn pessimistic asshole. We need anyone we can get and besides they ought to be able to help out."

One of the men with you now reached into a bag and handed each of you a headset "Here, need these to be able to communicate over distances. Plus the boss wants to talk to ya."


Several of the men stopped to return the salute while others continued moving large boxes through the room. A man approached and gave a short salute in return before speaking in German "At ease everyone. Mister Kennedy I cannot say it's a pleasure to see you here. I would be handing over control of this operation to you if not for certain individuals doubting your capabilities to carry out your duty which makes my job more difficult. So I am giving you command but will be supervising you and will have the capability to veto any orders you give."

A voice came over the intercom asking for the commander to come to his office. Sighing the man said "You are free to use any resources, both material and personnel, that you should require for whatever operations you care to undertake. You'll also be managing things here. There's the 'war room' set up, it contains information on areas of suspected activity and individuals who are believed to be at least sympathizers of the resistance. It would be advisable to at least have patrols in those areas, maybe assign some of our agents to follow those suspects as well. But that's no longer my job though if you should desire any help I'll be available in my office. Oh, and your Behemoth trooper is in the vehicle bay for now."

The man walked away to leave you to begin your work.  Schultz watched the man go and only spoke once he was out of earshot "Why do I doubt working with him is going to be fun?"

Paul shrugged as he looked at Jack "Any orders sir? Or should me and Schultz find our two riflemen before they decide to get drunk at the first bar they find?"