Author Topic: 1948: The New Order  (Read 1366 times)

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Re: 1948: The New Order
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Heinrich quickly followed the resistances fighters into the sewers.

You have a good point, also, I designed these sewer tunnels, the tunnel walls absorb the nasty smells from the air, so the smell isn't the thing to worry about, there are laser tripwires with arc emitters attepaced to them, just follow me.

He started to carefully traverse the sewers.
((so couple things. Frist I'm not going to be able to update today since I'll be without the internet for a while, secondly please don't assume things about the environment you are in, especially without asking me first. Describing things is fine but there's no booby traps and the Germans wouldn't have designed the sewer systems in what was an already existing city before they arrived. if you want to include these types of details in a post either PM me or catch me in the chat and we'll talk it over.))