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Re: 1948: The New Order
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Jack watched his "commander" scurry away. It had been the welcome he expected, and he immediately wrote the man off as one of those old Prussian "war is fun, occupation isn't" types. With a sigh, he turned to his men.

"Shultz, take a quick little poke around. I'm sure our friends here have set up an adequate defensive perimeter, but I'd like you to make sure. After that, go round up the other two and have them report back." The corporal nodded, and Jack looked towards Paul. "There's a bit more work to be done before we investigate whatever watering hole the others have found," he smiled, "I want you to check through the personnel files and inventory reports. See who we're working with and what sort of equipment we can expect to be dealing with. As the commandant suggested, I'm going to go over those reports, check the current assignments, and see if anything stands out as a worthwhile use of our time. We'll reconvene in two hours."

He flashed a quick salute, dismissing his soldiers and moving towards the ops room. As an after thought, he turned back to Paul, and quietly added "Make sure to find out our new commandant's name, just in case he plans to be more hands on than he indicated. See if you can dig up anything useful on him, but don't dedicate too much time to it just yet."
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