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Re: 1948: The New Order
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The ops room was large enough to house a large map of the city, several operatives listening to radio chatter and directing security forces where they're needed and other various tasks. An officer who you assumed to be around the age of nineteen approached with a set of folders and you noted the missing ear and mask over the left half of his face. Snapping a quick salute the man said "Hello sir, good to see some new blood running this place. I am in charge of radio dispatch and communications as well as confidential files such as these." Laying them on a nearby table the man continued "These are the personnel files of those that came here with you should you like to view them. Someone up the chain of command said they were for your eyes only."

Motioning to an old filing cabinet the man said "Should you like to see old reports we keep a back log of two months on hand before sending them to a storage facility." Walking over to the map table the man continued "Should you like any older reports we can request them from the storage facility. It will take some time of course but sometimes our agents over look details in reports before filing them away."

He then opened a drawer on the table that the map was on and pulled out a handful of reports. "The current reports are kept here. Nothing of much concern so far today, a few arrests for public drunkeness, one for lewd behavior, and an incident of domestic violence which the officers on hand dealt with. Some concerns in District 4 though, one of our Abwehr agents over heard some individuals speaking ill of the Reich, one of which we've had suspicions about already. If you should like we can have him watched."

Motioning to the map itself the man said "You can assign men and Abwehr agents to the districts on the map. As you can see we have several agents watching District 2, the place of business of a man named Xavier Bronson in specific. Some suspicious activity has been happening in the area near the business and he was already suspected so a handful of agents have been following him."

Continuing the man said "We're also watching a number of other places including the 'Bronze Star Brewery', the 'Northern hotel', and a public housing building in district 5. Those are all of our current intelligence operations. Everything else is just the standard patrols and arrests that happen everyday. Nothing requiring your attention though I'm sure the police department will be more than willing to provide the reports you want."

The man gave another quick salute and said "If you should require me simply call for Walter over the intercom." With that he went over to one of the radios and started listening to the radio chatter, occasionally speaking to someone on the line.

Two hours later Paul you found Paul berating two of the Wehrmacht soldiers in the warehouse before walking over toward you. "I'm sure things went well for you. Equipment wise we have plenty of surveillance gear to run a handful of operations, wish we had more but it looks like the commandant was more worried about armed uprisings then preventing them so we have more guns than we have personnel. Speaking of personnel we're dealing primarily with newer recruits from the Wehrmacht, a few veterans from the European war mixed in but not many. The Abwehr men we have are a bit more experienced on average but they all seem to want to put a..." Paul stopped to think for a second before continuing "...put what the Americans called 'stars and bars' on their shoulders I think. They want a medal at least. Younger men wanting to make a name for themselves."

Shaking his head Paul said "Our Commandant friend is named Gerhard. He did something and got sent to the Russian front but it's been classified. Whatever he did over there impressed someone because he got transferred out of the front and to America." Paul pulled a cigarette out and lit it before continuing "Trust me sir, you have to fuck up badly, very badly, to get sent to the Russian front. You have to do something miraculous to get back out."

Paul motioned to the entrance and said "Kids are home."

Schultz walked through the doorway behind Oskar and Emil shouting at them. As they approached you heard Schultz say "Hello Sir, I'm back with the two men who were, as they put it, 'investigating the locals'. And By that they mean attempting to talk two of the local women into bed later tonight, rather unsuccessfully."

Oskar mumbled something under his breath about not having much experience which received a strike to the back of the helmet from Schultz. "Awaiting your orders sir."

The Resistance

The headset crackled to life as a voice came over the radio "Hello new recruits. We're going to be nice and give you the choice between joining us or us giving you a Saturday Night Special and sending you on your way after we take you a ways away from our base. I highly recommend option one."

The frenchman that had rescued you led you further down the tunnels as the man continued speaking to you over the radio "We could use more people, always do. You'll be helping free America and later the rest of the world. Of course as I said it's up to you, after all we only really were after helping out a friend of ours on those transports but figured we'd save everyone else involved."

The man leading you said "Okay, here we are." One of the others started up the ladder to your right as the Frenchman waited and watched the tunnels. "All clear up here."

Motioning for you to go first the Frenchman waited. Once up the ladder the resistance members led you onto a large truck with the others they rescued. "Of course you'll make that decision once you get to our base, give you time to consider things." the man said

The back of the truck was closed and you felt it begin to accelerate out of the building. Some time passed, how long you weren't sure, before it stopped and you were guided  into a warehouse and blind folded. From there you were led somewhere that you couldn't tell the location of. Once the blind folds were removed you found yourselves in a sealed room with a man sitting in a chair in front of you. Smiling at you he took a sip from the cup he was holding before speaking in a distinctly british accent "So, the boss wants to know what your decision is. So what's it gonna be? On the run or working with us?"