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Re: 1948: The New Order
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There was more than a little bit to be done. Fortunately, besides serving a minor purpose, the informal recon mission he'd sent the others on had given Jack time to put together a basic angle of attack.

Firstly, the basics. He cast a severe glance at the two riflemen. Though they hadn't really followed his orders of consciously gauging the attitude of the locals in the immediate area, the fact that they'd managed to make asses of themselves without causing any trouble led him to conclude that it was pretty unlikely there was any immediate, significant issues likely to arise with the base or it's surroundings. While it was more his nature to run a pretty loose unit, he was well aware that his new posting was a fairly significant command, and he was one of the few Americans fortunate enough to hold such a position. His superiors weren't generally "casual" people in his experience, and acting as a lax officer who encouraged fraternization in front of half the operations staff wouldn't do him well here. A "public" tone would have to be set for his unit, unfortunate as it was.

"Corporal," he addressed Schultz in a sharp tone, his eyes not leaving the troopers, "You're to take these two and secure us some good quarters. Modest, but better than the barracks here, and nearby. I'll expect a stocked kitchen, basic communications equipment, and proper recreational gear. Get what you need from the stores here, or withdraw from petty cash. I'm sure we can offset the expense by having these slackers transport most of it without the truck." He dropped the edge from his voice slightly, then added "I expect written reports on the nearby drinking establishments as well."

Dismissing them, he turned back to Paul. "Staff Sergeant, I want you to audit the operations here. There's a fellow named Walter around somewhere who seems like he has a handle on things - get to know him, and if you trust him, work closely with him. See if there is any sort of statistical or predictive analysis group running. If there isn't, assemble one from whomever seems most promising. Have them start running through the on-site files, look for any discrepancies that seem to be regularly repeated or anything else that may be amiss with the police force here. Anything older than two months is kept off-site, but if you have permission to request access to whatever you may need from there.

After that, I want you to have them run through the general demographics and behavior data for the districts under our purview. Our goal will be to loosely categorize the area we are responsible for into one of three classifications - "safe", where we have never encountered issues and reasonably expect no trouble, "threatened",
 where we have indications of dissent but no organized, violent resistance has occurred in the last two months or is expected int he near future, and "dangerous", where we believe there are Resistance operations currently underway, or where violence has occurred. Once this work has been completed, brief me on your findings and we'll commence our operations and resource allocation in depth.

Finally, I want you to personally check through the filing here and identify any activity linked specifically to communist or Soviet resistance activity. I cannot say what exactly you're looking for, except that I trust you'll know it when you see it should there be anything of note there. Report directly to me on this and do not involve the others.
Jack paused for a moment, feeling as though he was missing some crucial instruction, but shook the thought from his head. "Let me know if any thing comes up that requires my assistance." he finished, dismissing Paul with another salute.

Looking around, he found himself a spare desk tucked into the corner, and began his own work - firstly, he checked over the personnel files given to him by Walter, starting with the behemoth which he suddenly remembered he had yet to inspect. Making a note to do so shortly, he read through the rest of the personnel data before moving on to the activities reports.

He cast a quick glance at the District 4 file, but quickly wrote it off as not yet worth his direct attention - the soldiers and plainclothes agents there seemed to be on top of things. Shuffling it to the edge of the desk, he turned his attention to the other reports, reading through the files on Mr. Bronson, as well as the current monitoring operations at the three locations Walter had mentioned.

By the time he had finished, it was late in the evening, and it seemed most of the other office workers had left for the day. Stretching, he stood from his chair, and decided to go meet the behemoth trooper while he tossed all the new information around in his head.

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