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Re: 1948: The New Order
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(Mrno let me know that his character agreed to be part of the resistance and told me to go ahead and update)
"With that out of the way, welcome to the Resistance." The man stood and opened a door that led out of the room. Drifting out you came to a more open area with several people walking about or working. Whether they were checking weapons or listening to the radio signals everyone seemed to be doing something.

One man motioned you over and spoke in a heavy German accent "Hello! So I'm the quartermaster, as such I'm the man you get your equipment from." The man stopped for a second to look at the chamber of the pistol he was inspecting before continuing "Since you're new here all I've been allowed to give you are those MP40s, some spare magazines, and whatever equipment that's required for the job. Whenever you're here just come and find me if you need ammo or gear. By the way, it's nice to know I'm not the only German with a conscience."

With that the man turned and started stripping a rifle on his table. The Frenchman that had rescued you walked up and said "I see you've already met Edgar." He motioned to a man standing in front of a radio talking into a headset "That's the boss, go around, talk to whoever you want or just take some time. Whenever you're all ready he'll give you an assignment."

Pointing to a hallway he continued "That leads to the barracks, the training grounds, and the med ward." Motioning to another hallway on the other side of the room he said "And that leads to the 'hangar', as the men have taken to calling it, the workshop, and storage."

Walking away the man started talking to another Resistance member that had been cataloging several loose items in the room.

(so if you want to check around do so, you'll get more opportunities later but you'll find more characters to interact with which might prove useful)


Walking into the Vehicle Bay you saw the plethora of armored transports, jeeps, and your Behemoth trooper. Standing ten feet tall the combination of flesh and metal was standing on the far end of the Vehicle Bay. After you approached it didn't react for a few seconds before turning and speaking through the speakers built into the 'helmet' "Hello Captain Kennedy. It will be a pleasure serving under you."

Jack noted the machine gun attached to Wolfgang's right arm. The left had nothing attached to it but Jack could see that it was designed to have something attached to it as well. The armor plating that may as well have been his skin at this point was painted a dark grey and there were several spots that appeared to have once had decals painted onto them but since been worn off revealing the dull color of the metal itself.