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Re: 1948: The New Order
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(well I update once a day on pretty well all my RPs including this one. As a note I'm going to as much as I can actively update things like combat so that that stuff goes by a bit faster)

You make your way to the training grounds and hear a handful of guns being fired before entering the room itself. The room was split into four areas, the shooting range were a handful of Resistance members were practicing shooting under the direction of a man whom was missing the lower half of his left leg. The second area was an obstacle course apparently designed to get the members used to traversing difficult terrain and working together to overcome obstacles. The third was a shooting course where members were learning how to maneuver appropriately in combat.

The fourth was an area designed for members to organize into two teams and simulate combat. Three men were walking on the rafters set up above the area monitoring the exercises. The weapons used here were not actual guns but designed to deliver projectiles that deliver enough of a sting to alert the individual that they've been hit.

A woman wearing a metal helmet and chest plate carrying a Thompson walked over to you and said "Hey! I've never seen you here before so I'm assuming you're new. I'm in charge here. I run this place pretty tight but so long as you don't break one of my guns I won't care how long you spend in here and if you need any help with anything just ask. Hell impress me and I might give you something from my personal collection. Oh I'm Shirley by the way."

The sounds of machinery greeted you before you entered the room. Several voices shouting to each other over the machines could be heard and you spotted the frame of what looked like an armored vehicle sitting in one of the 'bays' of the workshop where they apparently housed larger projects.

A large man wearing a leather apron walked to you and said "Welcome to the workshop. We primarily maintain the handful of vehicles the Resistance uses and develop concealable weapons, make armor, and do our best to produce counter weapons to what the Nazis have."

Another man shouted from one of the workbenches "HEY BOSS WE NEED SOME MORE PARTS!"

The man in front of you frowned and then said "As you can probably tell we can use whatever resources we can get. Tell you what if you can bring us some useful items, gears, springs, weapons parts, metal plating, anything we can use to do our work I'll see about getting you some better equipment. Oh, and if you should require me further I'm Charles."