Author Topic: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm  (Read 33554 times)

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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
« on: September 30, 2016, 05:56:19 pm »
Perhaps Kent shouldn't have gone to town to get water. Perhaps he shouldn't have come straight back to the shelter. What's done is done though. The wolves had been more than he could handle, and if it weren't for Marlon, they would have ripped him apart. Kent had done a fine job of avoiding the huge spiders though, except for the dog sized jumping spider that had landed a few feet from him after it's leap had taken it from the tree line. Fortunately for Kent, it had been just as much a surprise to the spider as it had been to him. It had turned towards him and raised it's legs in a defensive stance, lowering it's legs only when Kent had backed away. The things staggering around out in the woods now weren't wolves or giant spiders, but they came in such numbers. "I'm moving on Marlon. Gonna try to get to the refugee center. Want to come with me?" Marlon took another bite of the slice of roasted wolf meat and just stared at Kent. "Why would I want to do that?" Kent scratched his head, We're friends aren't we? Friends have to stick together. Marlon immediately began laughing. Seeing the look on Kents face he stopped and said, "Oh, you're serious?" His laughter only increased after that.

Out front of the shelter now, Kent took a look at his map.
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He had marked the location of the center on his map. It wasn't far. Kent figured, a few miles maybe. He could walk that distance in a day.
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