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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
« Reply #5100 on: November 13, 2018, 08:48:22 pm »
Roxanne had been weighing her options of where she could set up her little gathering place. A few other  things had been bothering her as various memories passed through her head from the current environment; some she recognized as not her own. The time she spent as a divine spirit harvesting others’ memories sometimes made her not sure of what was her real experiences and to boot now she had her doppelganger's memories as well. The silence suffocated her as even Rey and Christina remained quiet out of  politeness. It wasn’t until Mica came through that a semblance of normalcy in Roxanne’s eyes was restored.

Indeed Roxanne was rather wary of touching Mica due to her current affliction; those tattoos of hers were seal that kept her corporeal and Mica being an arcane mute could spell serious consequences. She did eventually, among her short lived fear, the silk like substance covering Mica and after the vinegar was brought in and taking into account what Mica was it all clicked together. It was strange though as she hadn’t seen Mica do this before; even Kathrine’s explanation served little to ease the confusion. Had things change so much so quickly? Seems things typically did around these parts. A whole year goes by in a flash and a day lasts forever.

A hug?, Roxanne asked nervously now being a bit to uncomfortably close to Mica. She didn’t want to say no, this was Mica after all, one of her closest friends. However, her fear of the Arcane Mute still lingered. Well, if Luna wasn’t going to do it, Roxanne’s alt, Eris, definitely would. She had been starved of human, or mutant in this case, contact for so long she craved for something as simple as a hug. Roxanne’s eyes went from pink to purple and she smiled at Mica.

Sure, I’ll hug you! She extended her arms and pull Mica in for a hug who quickly wrapped her arms around as well. It was then Eris realized her mistake. No, the reality of time and space wasn’t broken, nothing exploded, no blood, no one went insane. No, the only thing that happened is a jolt of what seemed electricity ran down Roxanne’s back and she gave a small yelp. Eris and Mica hugged for an awkwardly long time making the other look at them a bit funny. Eris was the one of the two who realized this and pulled herself awa handing control back to Luna.

Oh, by the way. I have something for you! Roxanne went through her messenger back and pulled a particular book. It had the picture of a chicken on it’s cover and was a rather hefty book for what it was. This is called the chicken book. Has many good pictures of chickens of all types! Thought of you when I found it some time ago. Had been meaning to give it to you but forgot every time I was back here. She then gave Mica a pat on the head sending another jolt of electricity. Her attention was brought back to Catnip.

I think the hotel sounds like a good place for my little gathering place. If you don’t mind I will place some posters on around later on today, want to hold the first meeting tomorrow. It was then that Christina and Rey got up and the former whispered something in Roxanne’s ear to which she nodded.Well, duty calls now my good friends! Have to tie up some lose ends. If you need me, I will be around the farm somewhere, or maybe at the center, have some business there too… I really have no interest in going out much anymore… Anyways, I will be seeing you gals later, it’s nice seeing you again! Rey and Christina thanked them as well for hosting them and the trio walked out of the door.

The next destination was the hall for the meeting with Helen. Roxanne wanted to go simply to talk to Helen about what had happened and Eris wanted to meet her after all this time for reasons she kept to herself. However, when the stepped out of the door, Hector was there which caught Roxanne by surprise. Oh, Hector? Came to see Catnip too? Noticing the two people behind her, Rey the imposing figure at 6’2, at least compare to Roxanne and Christina who were around 5’8, she decided to introduce them to Hector. Oh, btw, meet my, well not so new, friends. This is Rey, former mentor of mine and literal partner in crime; long story. And Christina, one of the founders of that organization I belonged before the cataclysm.

Rey walked over and offered his hand to Hector. “Greetings, you are the Iron Marshall I take it? Roxanne here has given you glowing reviews. Good to finally meet you. Wish we could sit around and talk but we have a little appointment to go to.” Roxanne noticed the look on Hector’s face and frowned a little herself. She knew all too well the little expressions and mannerisms of Hector; didn’t help it came with the old job she had.

You two go ahead. I’ll catch up to you guys later.

“Are you sure?”, Rey asked.

Yeah, personal matter.

“Ah, gotcha. Alright then, will be seeing you later.”

And with that Rey and Christina made their way to the hall leaving Hector and Roxanne alone. Ok. Something is on your mind isn’t it? Spit it out. Let me guess… I know… I haven’t been the best person lately… or much at all… Listen, I am sure you have business with catnip. Go take care of that first and then meet me at out room ok? I don’t like it when you seem like this… I’ll see you then.
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