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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
« Reply #5100 on: November 19, 2018, 08:19:14 am »
Mica cooed over the book, but had trouble opening it on account of the strands of sticky silk she cast over it with every attempt. Kathrine was hesitant to use the vinegar on it, on account of the fact that she didn't want to ruin the nice gift Roxanne had brought but scissors just wouldn't do the job. Mica's silk was as strong as rolled aluminum and as sticky as duct tape when it was allowed to get really thick. Kathrine's best shears would cut the clumps of webbing, but they'd come back as dull as a stone if she even got them back at all. Fortunately, Mica's teeth shared the same adhesive resistent property as the rest of her body and like most other materials, would shear right through it. With the book between two hands, she gently ran her teeth over the cover and shred the silk to ribbons.  She wanted to keep going and free the book of wonderous pictures, but Catnip stopped her.

"Um, maybe you should wait until it falls off on it's own?" Catnip suggested, "your going to hurt your book Mica." Sure enough, she had. It was hard to see, but running down the cover of the book, the tip of one of Mica's teeth had grazed the cover just enough to create a long slash. One wouldn't see unless they gave the book a certain amount of scrutiny, but it was there. Mica began to get agitated, she held the book out before her like a child with some particularly nice toy which they can't play with.

"Eeeeh!" Mica squealed, "Kat-nip! My-ka wants to see! My-ka wants to see!"

"You have to wait Miss Mica." Kathrine said, gently taking the book from Mica, "wait until you learn how to control it. We will keep the nice book Ms. Roxanne gave you until then."

While Kathrine saw to Mica, Catnip turned the little badge over in her hand. It was similar to so many others she'd seen, but very slightly different due to the numbers and a series of verticle lines pressed into it's lower half like a barcode. Catnip had enough experience to know that the badges we're more than just simple shinies, little baubles for her to gawp over. They had power. Power of deception. Some of the badges would protect by tricking others into thinking you were something you weren't. Like Teigen. Poor dead Teigen. He had a shiny sheriff's badge that let him walk unhindered into the robot factory west of Pricetown and come back with parts Catnip needed. A sabatour stole that badge later though, and Teigen was shot at the outset of the journey east.

She discarded her long thoughts for the time being and put Hector's gift in a glass faced cabinet next to a line of others. The aforementioned sheriff's badge, a battered and somewhat scorched bioweapon badge accompanied it as well as another that Catnip and Mica themselves should have worn. She didn't remember where she got it (you blew up his car and burned him to hide the evidence, even from yourself) but the silver plated badge bearing "X7" sat on a little mount between this newest addition and the scorched one. Quite a little collection of objects, and Catnip was glad to have more badges to add to her collection. If it came to it, she would even use them. Along with some of her other interesting trinkets. The cabinet was filled with all sorts of things she'd collected over her eight or nine years above ground. A jar of purple wispy stuff, a shredded wind cell cannisters, a little name tag from pinkies, a pair of shiny metal gloves that sometimes shocked her but we're handy when she needed to jump a salvage vehicle back to life. One of Kathrines seldom worn hair clips  and a few of Mica's teeth. Next to the teeth of her monstrous but still much loved sister was the little rubber goldfish they'd steal from one another, relatively unharmed by the stomach acids it had been submerged in for years after Mica swallowed it.

Catnip reached into the cabinet and took out a long thin sheet of blue green metal. While she examined it, she stepped back from the cabinet so that Kathrine could sequester Mica's book within. Mica wouldn't dare touch the cabinet, but she would look longingly into it. As an after thought Kathrine opened the book to the first page with a picture and left it propper up against the back of the cabinet before closing the door and locking it. Mica pressed her face against the glass and stared in at the picture of a brindle hen and a high quality glossy of a rare lavender orpington. Her tongue came out and made a circle on the glass. The sheet of metal was super alloy, and Catnip didn't have enough of it. A long time ago, she'd assigned Floyd the task of finding more of it along with what Agmen had told her was "the lead wind." He'd brought plenty of lead wind, but had found no alloy. Roxanne too had kept an eye out for the stuff, but her direct duty to Catnip had been as an instructor. Teaching her to read, enlightening her on the deeper nuances of the world and most importantly, how to worship. One of her chosen, her three, her "holy trinity," though had as yet not searched for her special stuff. Possibly because he thought she no longer needed it. At least that's what she suspected he thought, chances are it wasn't true. She simply hadn't asked. Roxanne and Hector had already left, but that wasn't a problem they would not have gone far. She pushed open the front door to her new house and saw them right away.

"Hector! Come back! I'm not done with you yet. Come here silly. I need super alloy!" She said, pushing past the two waiting women with a hurried apology and a promise to see them in just a moment.

"Oh?" Hector said, raising an eyebrow at the interruption, "I would have thought military plating was more than enough for the train? I suppose it's a lighter material, but putting it on will just add to the weight Nip, and the train is already heavy enough as it is." He was thinking about the effect super alloy would have on the trains armor. As a man who could appreciate the finely turned skirt of a war machine, he was familiar with the materials such machines were outfitted with both mundane and miraculous. Super alloy was a bad option for the train. Sure, it could take a shell better than the composite, it's odd compressive strength against things like bullets or heavy ordinance we're legendary, but Catnip's comparatively slow moving train would just bypass that property as it plowed through the landscape. Super alloy plating would come out mangled and mashed.

"No silly, not for the train. I want to run some experiments but I need super alloy for a furnace along with a bunch of extra and some uh... Graff-een. It's for ro-butt's body. We can't just use the hardened stuff Dee's got pulled up between my house and the workshop, it's too heavy. Even the... Cum-paw-zit? The green stuff. The green stuff is too heavy and too tricky to work with. The power source would wear through it. So, graff-een and super alloy, okay? Then I'll have something else for you to do okay?"
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