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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
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The rodent mutants turned out to be a bit much for Jennifer's hightened olfactory sense, especially with Cheena's influence. It wasn't uncommon to get caught in their little groups loitering and wandering around New Paris and every time without fail, the mixed scent of creatures Cheena considered "prey" would hit her and aggitate the spirit passenger trapped inside her. There wasn't a whole lot she could do about it. She shuffled around, looking for the Captain and was informed that she had gone out to inspect the cleanup of the recent murder in the motorcade. She was glad that whole thing was over at least. Catalina being out and unavailable just meant that Jenny could take her time and put together a proposal. Maybe get someone to help her put together a rough floor plan or something. Also some time to think about the "Hoyt problem."

She had just begun to mull over what she'd learned of the man and his cohorts. Their domination of several "markets" in a time when she felt "markets" were the least of anybodies concerns, oh how little she knew, and how they were dealing narcotics at the center. That last, more than the monopoly on milk and butter, really got to Jenny. Cheena tried to warn her of the person she was about to walk into, but by then Jennifer was already thoroughly rankled and not really paying attention to where she was going or the angst of the other.

"Watch where you're going, don't just stand..." She began. She realized she was about to harangue someone for something that was as far from their fault as possible and changed her tone. "No, I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention."

The "guy" was wrapped up in bandages and that was curious. More curious was that the other guy was wearing sunglasses inside. The one she'd walked into was just a kid really, but the other guy, now he was an adult. A scarred, thoroughly worked over adult.

"Er, you two have been through the wars huh?" Jenny asked, trying to break up the widening silence, "Did you uh, arrive with the rest of the new people?"

Branches dragged the last of the goods out to the road and looked back at the now obvious path through the foliage near the rivers bank. She had the feeling that the path would see frequent use and was going to get packed down. Over the course of her chore, Branches had come to the conclusion that Helen wasn't going to kill her, and that perhaps interacting a bit more with the mage hunter would be a good idea. Otherwise, Branches really didn't know what she would do with her time. Read and build golems and experiment, she supposed.

Rather than help out, Helen had gone off back to the hall and left Steinar to keep an eye on how the homunculus got on. What that meant was that he had been drinking a steadily diminishing supply of pilfered posca, and sitting in the cart while Branches pulled it along. The weak sour booze, sweetened with honey, didn't appeal to Branches. It had the same general effect on her nose as it would have had on Mica, revulsion. Of course Branches had never smelled anything stronger and really had no standard for comparison.

"Are you going to help?" Branches said, dropping the handles of the cart. This action caused Steinars cup to slosh over, sousing him with posca. It didn't seem to upset him at all though.

"I am helping." He said, "I'm managing."

"You are a poop." Branches spat. Steinar hopped down unsteadily and hauled the two bandits from the cart.

"Alright," He began, ignoring Branches last childish remark, "Now, we got a bunch o' this stuff here and Ms. Helen wants it returned. What we need to know is where you lot came from so we can bring it back to this 'Yellow Jacket guy?"

The bandits stayed silent and refused to even look at Branches and Steinar. They'd long stopped struggling against their bindings around the same time they'd decided to clam up. Branches and Steinar had discussed, out of ear shot, what they were going to do if the bandits wouldn't talk. Steinar seemed to be in favor of disposing of the bandits and the stuff if they wouldn't help them help themselves. Branches didn't want to kill anybody though, and even if the bandits did talk she didn't really want to give the stuff back. Without Helen around keeping an eye on her, and without Illiana looming over her, Branches didn't particularly care for giving anything back. Not the stuff which she didn't know the owners of. Everything else had to go back. Tools, books, panties. All of it.

"Eh, if'n they won't talk then maybe we should turn em over to Hector or the center?" Steinar mused. That got a bit of a reaction, and Steinar grinned. "Aye, I think one of them will be just the thing. Saves time too, since you can stop by the farm and apologize for the trouble. Eh, little one?" He pushed the two men back into the cart and checked the bindings and straps were secure while Branches prepared for the next leg of hauling.
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