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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
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TJ had stumbled into Foster after having Jennifer walk into him, who helped steady him. When TJ didn’t say anything Foster spoke up “It’s okay, we should have found a better place for that.”

At her questions Foster shrugged “That we have. And uh..we came on our own though it appears we’ve arrived alongside quite a crowd.” Adjusting his glasses Foster continued “But where are my manners, I’m Foster and this is my friend TJ.”

TJ waved but stayed silent as he looked around to make sure he wasn’t in anyone else’s way. Noticing that TJ didn’t really seem to want to talk at the moment Foster sighed before saying “To be honest we came looking for somewhere we could stay but it looks like you all have your hands full here. Of course we could help around here, I’m trained as a..scientist of sorts, and TJ here well to be honest I’d prefer to keep him at my side but with proper training he’d be able to fill most jobs.”

Elsewhere Liam stepped out of the barracks sans his usual armor. Instead he’d decided to dress more casually, and modernly, in a set of grey cargo pants, a set of black work boots with blue laces, and a grey t-shirt accompanied by his brown sling bag on his back and a white and black checkered scarf wrapped around his neck and draping down along his back. Along with the new clothes Liam had taken the time to cut his hair into a mohawk, giving the sides a rough shave that he’d refine later. As per usual these days the little puff ball of light bounced along in the air next to him as he walked.

Gunnar, a bow slung on his back as he watched the terrain, asked “Going somewhere Liam?”

Liam shrugged as he kept walking “Going for a walk Gunnar. Keep an eye on things for me?” he said.

Gunnar nodded as Liam started towards the nearby woods. After a few minutes Liam found himself alone among the trees. Smiling to himself he said “Alright little guy, you wanted to come out to the woods. Wanna let me know why?”

In response the ball of light took off ahead of Liam. Laughing he started running after it as he called out “Alright let’s go for a run then!”

It was a good twenty minutes later and he’d caught up with the ball as it came to a stop. Taking a second to look around Liam wondered why it had stopped here. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary here as he said “So why’d we stop? Meditation time or are you just bored of watching me run?”

Ever since he’d accidentally made this little puff ball it had acted like it had a mind of its own. He’d pretty much come to consider it a pet at this point. And right now it seemed..confused? Maybe even agitated. Looking around he wondered why that was.

For a twenty minute run he was further out than he normally got he realized. Sitting down he shook his head and prepared to meditate for a little while. Smiling as he crossed his legs Liam called “Let me know when you figure out what’s bothering you.” and began to meditate.

It hadn’t even been a minute when the puff ball smacked Liam in the head and darted off. With a sigh the viking stood and started after it at a run. He lost sight of it after a minute and started to worry.

Soon he found himself in a clearing and stopped. The little puffball of light was currently hovering as if waiting for him. It took the sound of the young wolf under the ball of light growling for Liam to notice it.

His immediate reaction was to draw his dagger as the wolf backed away. In response the ball of light swatted Liam in the forehead and made a buzzing noise he’d heard it make before. Sheathing the blade he said “And what do you want me to do? Take care of it?”

When the light bounced up and down in a ‘yes’ gesture Liam sighed. Sometimes he wondered if this thing wanted to get him killed. Still, wolves lived in packs normally, and this one was all alone and too young to be by itself. So he kneeled down and retrieved a bit of food from his bag. “Tule, pieni kaveri, en aio satuttaa sinua.”

After a few moments of hesitation the wolf walked over to sniff what he was holding. Finally it decided to take a bite of the food before walking away and staring at him again. Looking over at the puff ball Liam sighed “This is gonna take a while.”

Ten minutes later and the wolf was following Liam. Leading the way home Liam glanced over at the puff ball before shrugging. “I don’t know the lesson you’re trying to teach me here but hey, a pet would be nice. At least one that’s not an asshole half the time.”

To which the puff ball gently rammed his shoulder. Laughing to himself Liam knew he’d get home soon enough. From there he’d have to figure out where he was going to keep the wolf.
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