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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
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(( Written with Mrno ))

Solomon was noticeably shaken after what he'd witnessed, fumbling to put his mask on and examine first Cardin, then the room the act had taken place in. "Cardin..." he grumbled worriedly, regarding a fading aura that lingered around the limb the avian had thrust through the portal. What residual energy remained at least seemed harmless as far as he could discern, dwindling of its own accord, and the disturbance left was focused, small and narrow such that its aftereffects were barely visible in the slightest.

He sighed, shaking his head as he finally regained his composure, before quietly excusing himself from the lab area. It was obvious what he was going to do though, even though he was just as likely to get in trouble for having played along and even helped Cardin recharge the amulet.

The avian mutant, meanwhile, quickly made to follow after Solomon.  He paused at the door, though, rubbing at his right arm, the lingering numbness worrying him slightly.  He chirps, having decided that following Solomon with some kind of weird magic still...  Attached?  To him wasn't the best idea, and steps back into the lab again, sitting down cross-legged on the floor.

It wasn't long before Solomon returned however, his expression less mortified in favor of the look of a scolded puppy. And following right behind him was Helen, her mask off and therefore making the look of sheer disappointment perfectly clear.

"By Yeshua's palms, what were you thinking? Here, sit still for now." she said, kneeling beside the sitting avian and calmly grabbing him by the arm he'd stuck through the portal. As she did, she carefully unraveled the bandages his prior burns required, retrieving a vial of odd red liquid, and a mote of dull essence. She left it drift into the open vial, shimmering with odd silver light within the red liquid as it seemed to dissolve into the vial's contents.

Then, she poured it along the limb with caution, that odd numbness momentarily giving way to a stinging sensation before fading, the burns noticeably healed up faster than normal, though that seemed to be a side effect of the potion itself. "You're lucky something in-between didn't decide it wanted to keep your arm." she grumbled, looking him over. "What am I to do with you..."

Cardin squirmed a bit at the sensation of his arm healing up, wings half-flaring out behind him, holding them in close enough to not knock anything over still. The avian mutant looked down, a heat spreading across his face as he blushed underneath his already red feathers and chirped out an unintelligable apology. The embarrassed bird deliberately tried to avoid making eye contact with either of them while he did so.

Helen gave a sigh at that, before taking him by the hand, calmly grabbing the mana gem as she shook her head. "You need to learn caution, and that your actions have consequences, ideally before those consequences get you killed." she said, soon leading the two out to the workspace along the side of The Hall.

"Kitchen duty won't exactly be much punishment for Solomon, but perhaps in the late afternoon teaching you to help prepare dinner will suffice, for helping out with this dangerous experiment. For now..." She'd laid out a few tools atop the anvil, along with a bin of thin scrap steel, which she'd cleaned of rust beforehand. A broad hammer, metal shears, file, and engraving chisel.

The punishment was fairly mundane yet menial, and if Hector was present he'd likely laugh at the idea given it was not very different from the making of replacement rings he'd found quite relaxing. Simply working pieces of steel flat, cutting them into a long scale shape as she demonstrated, filing the rough edges smooth, then working the feather motif into one face with the chisel to add detail. The sort of mundane task that used to be a daily chore back in the sanctums of her youth, and frequently handed out to young trainees in need of discipline, or to train a steady hand.
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