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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
« Reply #5130 on: April 07, 2019, 06:28:49 pm »
(( Written with Noct. ))

Helen sighed as she sat down at last in her quarters, tending to Thomas and making certain that Victor was unharmed as well. "So you...had something to ask, before all this started?" she finally spoke up.

Victor was caught off-guard by that at first, quickly returning to what he'd planned to inform her of. “Something to ask? Well, yes. Actually, as Luna put it, need to ask for permission for the field trip tomorrow.”

Helen glanced at him, a concerned expression on her face before she sighed. "Field trip? First I've heard of this...Hector's not going to like that, I suspect." At that Victor simply shrugged. “Honestly, that is her problem at this point. Not her idea or mine but Melody’s. Something about the incident I had with her before I pretty much forgot everything.”

Helen hmmed a bit at that, concerned yet now mainly curious. "I...oh. I see. Anyone else going with you? If you'd like I could come with, just in case...if not, well. At least let me know where you're going, intended route, and when you expect to be back. That way, if something goes wrong..."

The expression of worry on her face was a bit more apparent, and Victor nodded as he tried to reassure her. “It’s going to be Melody, Roxanne, Rey and myself. Melody doesn’t want anyone else to go for whatever reason, says I would understand if I had my memories but, well, I don’t. We aren’t going far, should take maybe a few hours. I’ve made a map too in case I need it, I can make you a copy if you want.”

Helen hmmed a bit, before warily agreeing to it, the map laid out on the table and the expected route traced out, Helen nonetheless a bit wary when she saw just where the location was. "I worry it might have something to do with Randael if it was her least you told me this time."

“Wow, I was that bad? I am slightly hesitant too but I am apparently needed badly. Roxanne is just the one who happens to know the way and layout. Oh, and before I forget, we are to go unarmed. Apparently that’s very important too.” At that last bit Helen went wide-eyed with shock.

"Unarmed? Oh gods. Roxanne, of all the...I see. Just, be careful. Contact me if anything goes wrong, then..." she said, grimacing a bit. For a moment she vaguely suspected that what she was preemptively feeling was exactly how Hector felt when he was led on a wild goose chase after Roxanne technically died.

Seeing the way she seemed uneasy, Victor set a hand on her shoulder. “Will make sure to do so. Two way radio should be synced.” he said, Helen giving a little nod, finally satisfied that he'd be alright. "Thank you..."