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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
« Reply #5130 on: April 14, 2019, 02:56:47 pm »
The following morning marked the release of another issue of New Paris's newspaper. Leslie's own simple eight page broadsheet detailing what had been going on since the last issue. It was a surprisingly effective way of keeping up to date, Jennifer thought, on the ins and outs of life in the center. The front page article was a continuation of a piece on events of the strange attack on the center not long ago precipitating in the sudden reappearance of the centers hunter just in the knick of time. The newspaper was a boon to the center, at least Jenny and Catalina thought so. It added a sense of normalcy in a time which still seemed frighteningly chaotic. The stability was more than welcome in a settlement, and it was a settlement now, that previously had been friendly but not amazingly welcoming to people so heavily mutated. Journalism was powerful though, and talking to Leslie gave the impression that she knew it, and was afraid of it. The dedication of the young serpent was admirable though.

Jenny had taken her time with the paper she'd found lying in a basket that had appeared sometime in the night screwed to the wall beside her door. It hadn't taken much time, but reading it made her feel more "in the loop." More a part of a community she'd spent a large part of her time providing for but not really making herself a part of. The coffee that had come, delivered to her room by a young pug nosed Misling boy, had been even more of a surprise.

"Courtesy of Sylvia's coffee ma'am, some muscley lady paid for it already." Jennifer had looked at it wonderingly before taking it gingerly and setting it next to the paper on her table. "Ma'am?"

Jennifer looked back and saw the boy holding up one surprisingly well kept hand. "I thought you said it had been paid for?" She asked. He didn't say anything, only rolled his eyes at her and left. "What was that abo- oh. Hey wait up!" She snatched for anything she could think of and found the little cigar box on her shelf. The kid had turned around, hardly any further than just out of sight and Jenny mused that he must have been expecting it. A kid used to running errands for tips. She pushed a few heavy coins into his hand, fifty cents prices, with an apology that she didn't know if they'd have any real value or not. It didn't seem to matter much to him, and he took them with no word of thanks. The coffee had come black, and Cheena hated it. Atomos wasn't too partial to black coffee either, but she drank it down nevertheless. A little sugar added, which Cheena was all too eager with, and it became a bit more palatable. 'What it really needs,' Jenny thought, 'is cream.'

That thought got her moving. She was on vacation, but there was still a bit of business to do. Scouting this Hoyt guys place, and a bit of bonding with Cherise. Jennifer wanted to get into it as casually as possible, just a plain old walk between two people. Neither of them was a mutant and neither of them had committed atrocities in the name of the survivors nemesis. When she got to the foyer though, she almost lost it. If Cherise wanted to make as generic an impression as possible, she was doing it the complete wrong way.

"You're a bit overdressed aren't you?" Jenny asked, adjusting the strap on her rifle so it wouldn't slip. Cherise glared at her incredulously, letting a little contempt slip into that look before forcing it away.

"Aren't you a bit under dressed?" She shot back. Jennifer actually looked down at herself and had to strongly disagree. If anything, she was also overdressed. Snakeskin overcoat, messenger bag filled with equipment, and a harness with all her gear strapped to it or stashed away in the various pouches and pockets. By contrast though, Cherise had come to this "interview" clad in some kind of pre-cataclysm light power armor that Jennifer couldn't identify. All buffed metal plates, military grade weave, and actuated joints fitted over Cherise's muscular body in such a way that made it seem like most of her mass was in the armor alone.

"We're both overdressed!" Jennifer laughed, seeing the looks people were giving both of them. Again, Cherise sneered but Jenny waved at the sneer. "This is just supposed to be a look around. We aren't riding out to raid or something. C'mon, we've got plenty of time to dress down a bit. Go get some actual clothes on."

"I can't." Cherise said exasperated, "the clothes I wore yesterday are all I have and they're filthy."

"You didn't bring any other clothes?"

"It was either the mark seven or an acceptable wardrobe. Sorry." Cherise shot back. The "sorry" sounded more than a little sarcastic. "It's the only one of it's kind and I wasn't going to leave it where er... They could keep it." Jennifer had to think about that for a moment. It wasn't great, but having spent time in New Bangor, she could guess. She just wondered if the rest of the armor had been left behind, or if Cherise had never had it in the first place. Jenny shook her head.

"Okay... When we get back though, I'm getting you some clothes of your own. Let's just get going alright?"
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