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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
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Foster had woken up early in the morning and made himself coffee in the mess halls kitchen. Even this early in the morning he had company in the kitchen as Alice prepared some eggs and hashbrowns for the morning meal they’d serve. Looking over at her unexpected guest she gave him a smile and said “Howdy. Glad to see y’all are sticking around even if just for a day.”

Foster nodded to her as he waited for the coffee to brew. He’d set his percolator, one of the few things he’d kept with him that wasn’t an absolute necessity, on a burner and was letting it work while he tried to wake up without a dose of caffeine. As such his response was a somewhat slurred “Morning. Glad to be here.”

Alice pretended she didn’t notice the absolute monotone in Foster’s voice as she peeked through the window between the kitchen and the mess hall. A few mislings were starting to file in and wait for the meal to be served. “You really need that morning coffee don’t you?”

Foster nodded in response, adjusting his glasses to ensure they were properly covering his eyes, and said “Coffee is just about the only vice I have. Work got me hooked on the stuff with numerous late nights. Nowadays I just feel..sluggish before my morning cup or two.”

Pouring his coffee into a thermos Foster set the percolator to the side. Taking a drink from his thermos Foster started for the door. Soon he found himself walking through Walkerville with purpose.

Thanks to some direction Foster made his way to the man in charge of getting things built around here. “A pleasure to meet you sir. I’ve been told you’re the one to talk to about getting myself a place to properly live.”

The misling shrugged as the pair walked and inspected the remaining build sites. “I ‘spose I am. I can getcha a place built but it isn’t free. You’ll have to sign me an IOU though on account of there not being a system of currency in place.”

Foster described what he was looking for and the pair came to an agreement. There would be enough space for him to assemble a lab, both TJ and himself could have rooms, and with his specifications he would be able to dig himself a basement in time. With the specifications out of the way he signed the IOU.

TJ meanwhile woke up when the morning crowd started getting a bit rowdy. They were all discussing their plans for the day from what he could hear. Granted it was mostly the construction crews shouting to each other to about what jobs they had for the day.

Nothing that really interested TJ if he were honest so he decided to go outside for a while. Soon he found himself making his way to the forge having grown curious about the noise coming from the place. Not particularly wanting to draw attention to himself or wanting to interrupt whoever was at work TJ decided to watch from a distance instead of bothering them.

Charles had met with Sev3n during the night, slept at the radio station for a handful of hours, and was now nearly home again. The backpack he was carrying with him contained a computer and a small cylindrical drive that contained what he’d traveled all that way for. Setting it down near the forge at the Hall Charles retrieved everything else he would need.

He had already prepared the parts, now it was down to assembly. The armor itself all slotted into place perfectly. He had after all been trained to make it so. Connecting the electronics and hydraulics of the chest piece and arms was somewhat more difficult. Then attaching the batteries in the proper slot and integrating a port for the drive took some time.

Then came the time to attach the mechanical arm to the back. It resembled some older bits of machinery, a basic system that allowed it to rotate at three different joints and a ‘hand’ that consisted of three ‘fingers’. By the time that was installed the others were stirring in the barracks.

Sliding the drive into place and twisting it to lock it in Charles waited. A minute later and the armor lit up and the arm attached to the back jerked upright. Smiling Charles tapped the earpiece he was wearing and said “Hello Maddy, I’m Charles.”

The arm turned to face him, the optic built into it focusing on his face. Giving a friendly wave Charles waited for her to say something. That came after a couple minutes processing when she imitated the wave and said “Hello Charles. I am Maddy.”

Walking over Charles recalled Seven telling him it would take some time for Maddy to fully ‘form’. Kind of like an accelerated process of a child developing a personality. Picking up the helmet Charles slid it on and watched as Maddy played with the heads up display. “Having fun are we? Well so long as you learn how to actually run it I don’t care.”

Maddy gave him an exaggerated sigh as he walked over to his work table and retrieved an old knife. As he began practicing throwing the two talked about various minor things. As the others started to emerge Maddy turned her eye to observe them as Charles explained who they were.