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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
« Reply #5130 on: May 08, 2019, 12:51:37 pm »
Jennifer led the way from storage with a pair of duffel bags, one under each arm, and Cherise in tow. For the cost of absolutely nothing, she'd managed to negotiate a collection of more casual clothing for her newest ranger and herself. Of course, it had cost them something. Time. The morning had swept by in no time at all, but it had been fun. Now looking down the barrel of the late morning before noon, Jennifer was in a better mood and arguably better disposed for the job ahead.

"What a humanizing experience." She said, referring to the bit of "shopping" she and Cherise had just done. Cherise tugged at the faded blue shirt uncomfortably.

"It's been awhile since I wore real clothes..." she explained, "It was either jumpers of the mark 7 most of the time."

"Yeah, I can see that being not too comfortable. Fortunately around here, you can get casual every now and then. Maybe we can set you up with a room or- Oh wait, where did you stay last night?" Jennifer asked, swerving the line of her talk at the last minute. She was very interested in this since as far as she knew, there wasn't any living space left in the center.

"Outside." Cherise said plainly, "Under one of those fire damaged trees out front."

Jennifer stopped and looked at her with a pained smile. "Really?" She asked. She was keeping somewhat straight face, but inside she and Cheena were bothered. It was getting colder at night. Just that morning, as Jenny had glanced out the foyer windows at the people outside in the early morning and the freshly plowed fields beyond bathed in the first few rays of dawn sun, she'd seen the way those people's breath had puffed visibly from their mouths out in the cold. That wouldn't do for much longer.

"Of course. Everyone else had crammed onto the benches inside, the rest of us... fighters... stayed outside. Didn't really want to cram in there with... er... nevermind." Cherise explained, stumbling over her words especially at the last. Jennifer watched her and realized another thing she'd realized before already. This was going to be hard for them. What Cherise had meant to say was that she hadn't wanted to be crowded in with all the mutants. Between living here with the creatures they'd spent so much time fearing and hating, and staying in New Bangor, they'd chosen what they must have seen as a lesser evil. Staying in Bangor was death, but staying out in the world was risking damnation.

"Are you religious?" Jennifer asked out of no where. The answer came back just as snappy at first.

"Jehovah's witness. I'm not doing a very good job of it though... I guess I'm not anymore..." Cherise began, tapering off at the end. The shame was readily apparent, not that of her distaste and distrust, but the fact of her lapsed faith. Jennifer put a hand on her shoulder and Cherise nearly cringed away.

"Calm down, some of the people here can't really be called human anymore, but they aren't any less 'people.' They'll accept you if you accept them right?" She consoled, choosing to touch all and none of the mutant hunter's internal crisis. "Just give it some time and work with me for a bit. You still have to decide whether you want to stick with the job I'm offering or not."

Cherise nodded at that, picked at her clothes again, and pushed through the big double doors in silence, and out into the warming early noon air.

Branches carefully pushed into the hall and noisily plonked a canvas bag onto one of Helen's long tables before taking a seat and waiting for someone to come along and ask her what she was doing. What she was doing wasn't exactly obvious of course. The contents of her bag, a series of large jars filled with various plants and seeds, had been taken out and placed in a neat row in front of her, surrounding her while she read a "borrowed" copy of some alchemy book. The nettle and pine bough cloak she wore had been tossed onto the bench next to her on the bench where it wouldn't get in anyones way, but wouldn't exactly let anyone sit next to her either.

"Wacha doin' kid?" Solomon asked, leaning over and looking at her from across the hall. He wasn't used to seeing the humunculus around the place. He knew who she was though, and that she had a penchant for mischief and theft.

"Waiting." Branches said simply. She turned a page, and turned one of her jars towards her before pushing it out of line with the others. "I want to trade some of these for others I don't have, and I want to ask Helen something about my golems."

Solomon watched her for a bit longer and decided that wasn't all she was up to. She wasn't really reading the book in front of her and she wasn't exactly looking at the herbs and seeds either. Branches looked distant, distracted. "Well," He said warningly, "You just stay out here and she'll be around in a bit." She nodded casually and he didn't miss the way her head bobbed seriously once and then tapered off in it's movement. "Something bothering you?"

"Hm? Oh. Um, no. I just have other stuff to do today... It's fine. Is Helen around?" She asked as though Solomon had not just told her Helen would be in in a bit.
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